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Artist: Joe Budden f/ Emanny
Album:  Halfway House
Song:   One Night Fuck *
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* Amalgam Digital download bonus track

[Chorus: Emanny]
She said she wanna go somewhere (and get familiar)
Joe no good (but I want ya)
I know this girl ain't shit, but I'm still tryin to hit
I said I want a one night (ohh) a one night (ohh) a one night fuck
See I know this girl ain't shit, but I'm still tryin to hit

[Joe Budden]
L-look, look; any place I visit I got hoes there
How you wan' go there?
Model face hopped on the scene stupid
Made for TV, should come with theme music
She play the club on a regular basis (I mean)
Had some work done in a few different places
I knew it when I seen how small her waist is
Tasteless, but no matter what y'all taste is
Y'all would wanna taste it; Macy's make-up
Shorty work the day shift, play like she evasive
You know her type, always front like you can't get it
Even though I heard the stories how my man hit it
My man did it in front of the cam wit it
He said he jizzed on her, sent her 'bout her damn business
I see her out and I don't even say hi
You Barkley and Wade her; put her in your "fav' five"
But I'll be a liar to say that she ain't fine
So I answer when she call and hit me with that same line, c'mon

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Joe Budden]
Yo, she keep the shades on, lookin like she high or some'n
Love the strip clubs, I think that she bi or some'n
Brand named out, closet full of lavish furs
Cause dudes trick on her, she act like the cash is hers
Not at all playa, I'll still jump, not foreplay her (dawg)
She'll fuck you if you could jump, you know, ballplayer
Share taker lookin for a caretaker (to what?)
To lace her once a week, take care of that hair and make-up
Somethin like a cash cow, drink 'til she pass out
I think I seen her online with her ass out
Freak shit, but look better than broads
Give head better than broads, pussy get wetter than broads
So naw, can't come at baby on some cheap shit
Now e'rybody beat it, she come off conceited
Peep it, if she gon' be the one you leave with
Do it on the low and keep that y'alls lil' secret

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Joe Budden]
Knahmean? That be his favorite girl

Look - I mean B cup, C cup, D cup, curves
Groupie, chickenhead, jumpoff, birds
E'rybody onto me, so I already know when she come onto me
She gon' say she don't do this normally
You got her at the Steakhouse doin it formally (me?)
I give her takeout, she'll take the place of a porn for me
High-saddity hoe, tryin to be in videos
Real popular, she the one the whole city knows
Say it to her face, she get defensive, lawyer
Sendin naked pics, exhibitionist, voyeur
Know the routine, so she leave when we finished
Then I lie every time like, "I'ma call you in a minute"

It's obvious that the girl is poison
She already ran through all my boys and
I know that it would be best just to stay away
But she's tellin me

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Outro: Joe Budden]
What you doin tomorrow?
Oh you busy tomorrow? Yeah me too
Tahaha; how 'bout the next day?
You know I'ma just give you a call next week or somethin like that
And see what you doin
See if you free like next week or somethin
Like in the nighttime, like 4 AM, 5 AM
Somethin like that? Oh you gon' be asleep? (no you not)
Damn! (I need a) Who sleeps at 5 AM?
Uhh, smooth it out now
That be his favorite girl