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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Halfway House
Song:   Check Me Out
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(*Samples from "Silly Love Song" by Enchantment plays throughout*)

[Intro - Joe Budden - talking] (*echo*)
Check me out right here
Nahmean? Old school
Old school niggaz used to be like
What they used to be like? "Check me out now"
What other ad-libs these old niggaz used to say?
I don't know but fuck it

[Verse 1 - Joe Budden]
Now let me ask you a question
Who are you? Where you from? What you reppin?
Is every bar about a burner or a weapon?
And now he all gassed up by his bredren (what?)
Some tell me that my music is depressin (but a)
But, best rapper in the world, I was destined
Jumpoff! Must be the exception (I mean a)
Am I the only one that's progressin in a recession? (listen)
They tell me trickin ain't trickin if you got it
I never heard more false words spoken
So (so), if I tell you I'm a leave your wrist frozen
I was either lyin to you or just jokin
You could be in a wet T-shirt soakin
You could, tell me how your shit get like the ocean (you could)
You could, jerk me off with a bottle of lotion
While ya legs open and have trouble gettin a token
I grew up a little (see), see I'm much more mature
My repertoire is one you can adore (ask around)
That wasn't always the case, so that's for starter
I'm enjoyin the hood, the one after father
I used to invest in heroin
With money in Maryland, not Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs
And now I'm holdin stacks (as I), as I stroll in Saks
Sing it!

[Break - Joe Budden - talking]
Uh, check me out now
Ya mean?
Nigga all grown up
How ill is this shit?
Now look, look

[Verse 2 - Joe Budden]
When I was younger I used to get ass for sport
Now I'm less about her sex, I'm more into her thoughts (yeah aight)
Nah, I ain't mean to cross that yet, I regress
I'm more into her thoughts on sex
And the property, fuck what's across my neck
Be clear, I'm more into her career than her hair
Her mind state, nothin is insurmountable (look here)
I'm worried about her account (I mean a), is she accountable?
Real man shit, I'm no longer outlandish
The roof don't drop (but) but it's panoramic
And I know haters can't stand it (so!)
So I do it on purpose, still on my Jerz shit (oh!)
We don't fall flat and we never cave in
I lead pressure right to my doormat
All that adversity never worried me
If anything it feeds me, it'll nourish me (motivation)
I try to keep it a hundred, non-fiction
Lane switching's in my true religion with the double stitchin
No fitted, T, Kid Robot
'Cause rap niggaz is ass and I don't dig Botox
Into enterin clubs, dodgin photogs
So they can talk shit about me for a whole blog
Go hard, no prob, that's the plan (I'm like)
No laughin jokes son (nigga), I'm a grown ass man, ya heard?

[Outro - Joe Budden - talking] (*echo*)
Uh, check me out now
Yeah, Joey!
I swear to God
If this roof came down
This shit be down right now
And I'd have my, my motherfuckin, my shades on and shit
My hand out the window, smokin
A blunt, next to the cops too
Fuck off coppers!