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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Escape Route
Song:   Never Again
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Chea...Escape Route...its, its that on top music
Chea, talk to em, the top
Ohhh! ??? on the track
It's ya man, holla at him

[Verse 1]
Now look, look, look, look
They say once you get to a certain age
At a certain point you hit a certain phase
Become hard to break out of certain ways
No matter how bad you tryin' to impersonate
So I promised, I swore
I start doin things that I aint never done before
Going against my core, I was sure my new chore
Would be to go and see some shit that I never saw
I.E, I swore that when I left man
I'd never say another word about a Def Jam
When you look at the big picture gotta figure that
No matter right or wrong they interpret the shit as bitter
Niggggas, they don't care its what they ask me
They don't care that I just answered this shit last week
And lastly, not a thing will slip past me
And most of these gangstas is bitches, ask apache

Uh uh uh, never
Uh, uh, never
Uh, talk to..., never
Nuh, uh, you already know
Never again
One quarter of the Slaughter

[Verse 2]
Yo yo yo
Modern day Hercules on the track
Even if it brings me to my knees
I still put Jersey on my back
I swore id never cheat cuz as hard as it made my girl cry [nigggga]
Man that day I felt my world die [nigggga]
Insensitive, so if you see me going through emotion
Most the time I'm going through the motions
I swore id never played or could but the CL so good
If I change my mind I'm going through it ghostin
Forgive me father, I swore I'd never lie again
But couldnt fight temptation, I had to try again
Swore I was done with vicodin 'til I changed my mind's mind
And convinced him it was harmless, just vitamins
I swore id never make another song
Contrived to conform to some shit that didnt belong
Orrrr, how about I never say never
If I start today, cant expect me to see something that far away

Nahimean? it aint tunnel vision or nothing like that
How the fluck...
Uhhhhh, uhhh
One more 'gain
How you sposed to see nothin?
You cant!
Its, its, its that amalgam music

[Verse 3]
Yo swore I'd never respond to haters
Honestly its draining
But on the other side its entertaining
Built a shield that would never let the pain in
Armed with an alarm to notify me if it came in
And some niggas say I'm changing
So I swore to never be with them even though I agree with em
For better or for worse like a wedding
You chillin with a chameleon, I just adapt to my settings
Take a momento, and see a man without a memory
I don't remember me, mentally in fact similarly
It's just me and my alter ego
Pardon us, swore to never dumb it down but fans wont smarten up
I swore it never be another Mood Muzik
Or it'd be a while, I ain't in the mood to do it
I helped the game do away with all the trash
Never live in the past, treat everyday like its my last motherfucker

Treat everyday like its ya last one
Tomorrow's not a promise!
Words of advice, words of wisdom
Its, its, its, that Amalgam music
Testing, haha
Just testing