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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Escape Route
Song:   Intro
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Whats up bitch!
Check me out now!

Look psychotic it's what they call you ignore you going by my logic
That a law will secure you looking through my optics
Lead and steel put pillow in front of me i pop it
Tried to stop it but couldn't look at my eye sockets
My God it makes me skyrocket
Rules to ever do what you can believe that shit and I shot it
And if you couldn't tell I'm on my own time
Prisoner of my own mind problem is I don't mind
Niggas asking what I deem as suc-cess
Life's a bitch I'm just looking up her dress I can give a fuck less
All of a sudden they see me on Joe Budden t.v. and I'm going national
But they judge me and that's a broken gavel
Shock-ing to me how quickly niggas will go and bash you
Never had withdrawals pitfalls that coke and hash do
Never stood in place while everyone was going past you
Keep your opinion to yourself nigga no one asked you
Get used to me far from what I used to be
Provided still throw you a side if you not that used to me
Self-destructive I love it anything that abuses me amuses me
I just hope the whole world excuses me
Hip-Hop got him under all types of scrutiny
I think that the shit scared niggas into noose to me
Wholeheartedly don't want no part of what's a part of me
Moving lithogically so I dare a nigga to spar with me
What I inspire to be never inspired me
Big fan of karma catch twenty-two's eyeing me
Y'all don't understand the types of demons that's inside of me
Rebel with a cause if I do it it's un-defiantly
Raised looking for the machine aiming the ruger
Old so I don't fuck with the youngins I ain't a cougar
Say a prayer for the losers aware of intruders
Everybody around me like the head on Medusa
And so its time to make a move exit
Rubber-band covering the bruise left wrist
Faith in the man I cant prove exist
I really got nothing to lose but a death wish
I aint worried about jewels and a necklace
Me I live life shrewd reckless
Nigga I ignore the rules and the message
Walk away from the shit smooth with a peck kiss mwahh
Y'all ain't hearing me no fear in me
Only nigga brave enough to conspire against a conspiracy
Y'all want to be sick get it in Mariah marry me
But minus any streaks not a peak going to be clear as me

Its, Its!
A message!
Whats up!
They don't understand him though!
Y'all will get it, some things just take time!
Somethings take longer than others, that's what she said!
It's Joey, nigga!