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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  Escape Route
Song:   Freight Train
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Yo, shakers, movers, haters, rapists, losers, liars, takers, shooters
with ubsurded things like I was 13
when he burst on the scene
that eventually hurt Keem
got a tool, when he stole from dad
thought it'd be cool
to play show and tell so he took it to school
he in class with it, stylin for mad bitches
nickle bag lifted, its sad cuz he mad gifted
but that buiscut will only lead to bad business
moms on dope, dads just ridiculous
that leaves a menace, wantin to be king
but they one in the same both runnin from pain
but the laughter it fell from his face
when it fell from his waist
and hit Ramell by mistake
tried as an adult, facin a long bid
but the charge might change gotta see if the lil boy lives

Yo, self, pity, chasin, wealth
could be sickly if ya fend for yaself in city like nitty
who sold dope his whole life, the nigga sold dope to his own wife
he knew her death would come soon
bein real how much drugs could she consume
even hid guns in his sons room
but they dont know its a secret believe it
he dont want them to get hit the way that he did
house raided, drove by the house sprayed it
ran in stole his stash, spouse naked
its real here, he thankful that he still here
caught'em nine times he'll easily take the wheelchair
old hustla's cant escape old madness
get the same results dealin with old habits
which makes nitty a lifetime sufferer
who thinks it'll be ight since he lives with his very best customer

Yo, his spited vengence, moreso extensive
revenge is best served cold but its expensive
near steps, to revenge is near death
he disappears stressed reappears witha tech
you kill his dog, he gone kill your cat
hispops killed his mother so he killed his dad
in his head he like god damnit he crept over
with the same gun his pop planted that he slept over
raised as a killa from an age thats a thrilla
age with no filta and that rage is familiar now
faith has him sleepin over that guy responsible for that black patch over his eye
pillow over al's face he leaned over and cried
he sighed and said your parents wont know that you died
death penalty, no annesty just insanity
clock ticks on the last member of his immediate family