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Artist: Joe Budden f/ Eric Bellinger
Album:  All Love Lost
Song:   Where Do We Go
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[Intro: Joe Budden]
Good evening
How's e'rybody feelin out there?
Y'all good? Ha
I talk my shit again

[Chorus: Eric Bellinger]
I really don't know where we should go from here
It feels like time is escaping, I don't wanna waste it, nooooo
But in the back of my mind it feels like (it feels like)
Like we should just let it go, where do we go?

[Joe Budden]
Yeah, look
You ain't gotta adore me or keep it friendly
And even if you ain't for me don't be against me
Your people tell you ignore me and say it simply
But you get lonely and call me, that always tempts me
We get caught in the moment and then we fall back
Then I get horny and you take that as a crawl back
Now there's an irony hidden if you could call it that
I walk all over you, yet you be at my doormat
And unbeknownst to you, that whole plan of attack
She's sayin only with me does her sanity lack
Her truth come out when she drunk, but I amnesty that
I talk logic and she's screamin profanity back
Now when I think long term, you can't hand me that
But for now she need a crutch, there I am to take advantage of the handicap
Just be givin you truth, I don't demand it back
Guess I'm just a fan of facts, hope you understandin that

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Joe Budden]
Check it, I'm like royalty around y'all
Down to fall with niggaz I feel are as loyal as me
which is probably why loyalty is my downfall
Got few friends that be coyin me to count more
But steel sharpens steel, let me sound off
Still gotta question your will and what you down for
It's real, I question your wheels, wish they was round more
The ilk of your found cloth, are you built for the downpour?
All I try to do is lead by example
Seems some are content with niggaz feedin them a sample
Tried to create a path, know the streets can be a handful
Me I made it out without degrees on the mantle
Though my money good I'm overseas gettin ample
It'll never mean the snakes and all the leeches I can handle
The bond is broke now, I believe it's gettin trampled
Gotta pick up your pants, wear your creases like a man do

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Joe Budden]
It's been weeks now, maybe we both ain't so weak now
Time's past, should be cool for us to speak now
And you got so much pride, was no surprise I had to reach out
Shit, you used to creep through my house
Outside of bein fine I always said you was cool
You would leave in time to get your son ready for school
And I'll admit, that was admirable
Suckin me off e'ry night without you ever losin sight of what you had to do
Fucked for seven months straight, shit was magical
You broke it off over shit that wasn't factual
How could I fuck with you? With you actin so gullible and all
I'm reluctant to move forward
You fell in love with me quick, was down to wait for me
But that held us down, was like a weight for me
You wanted answers, said we can't keep fuckin without a title
You won't sit back idle
And to me it was intangibles, reasons I couldn't be the man for you
Part of why a nigga ran from you
Part of why I was passive and dismissive
Why we had that awkward goodbye and I ain't fix it
Why I let your Beemer pull off and I ain't miss it
I lied cause the truth was really none of your business
I felt like the hostings, was a hoe thing
Late nights, strip clubs, really the whole thing
But that's my own baggage in fact
Plus you slept with other rappers at that
Just some shit that tamed my own brain, this is after the fact
It's my bad, not yours, I know the past is the past
I'm hopin, all's forgiven, you not stuck in that time
Maybe we can fuck one last time - I'm playin wit'chu
Here's to bein grown and communicatin issues
We was never together but a nigga stayin with you

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

[Interlude: Joe Budden]
Where do we go from here?
What are we doin?
Where do we come from?
Where do we go from here?
I talk my shit again?
Where do we go from here?
Parks let me get one more

[Joe Budden]
I remember it like it just happened
Scratch that, can't dismember it, it just happened
Funny how one death'll let these mishaps in
That's exactly what's about to occur, I defer
Here's the stinger, I'm right where I grew up and lost my finger
How we let it all linger?
Whole family in black where you used to reside
All here to say our final goodbyes
Them to you, me to them, my thought with e'ry tear that I cried
Whole morning I was mournin family that had survived
Now that you are gone, you took with you all of the magic that you performed
And so our issues of a much deeper root is born
The weight fell, don't know who it's on
And since our glue is gone this is how we movin on
Truth in song, all quiet like the mute is on
Speak to me from Heaven above if I'm doin this wrong

[Outro: Joe Budden]
Say somethin
Just let a nigga know you hear me
Where do we go from here?
Rest in peace
What up?!
What are we doin? Uh
Where do we go from here?
Understand me?
Anybody hear me?!
Joey (OHH!)
I love you, uh
Where do we go from, here?