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Artist: Joe Budden f/ Felicia Temple, Yummy Bingham
Album:  All Love Lost
Song:   Unnecessary Pain
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[Intro: Yummy Bingham]
Ahhh-hahhhhhiyyy, I remain...
Stay the same

[Chorus: Joe Budden + Felicia Temple]
I still picture your affection
I still hear you like we're talkin on the phone
I still feel it
Like you're right there holdin onto me
But words cannot explain
We will never be us again
Everything has changed
Or is that just you're givin up again?
More unnecessary pain

[Interlude: Yummy] + (Joe)
Pain, pain pain (uh, it go)
Yeah... (check)

[Joe Budden]
I would ask how we ended up here
But I drove and you allowed me
Or maybe it's only me that remembers it cause you're so easily told about me
But not once while we were on that road did you doubt me
Played your position
Writin out our books I noticed a page missin, blame it on the age difference
I see you in the club, nowadays you're resistant
You used to get excited just to never pay admission
Lookin for the old you, wishin shit was normal
Tried to mold you and you ended up with it on you
Live around the corner, yeah we ain't even formal
So I'm askin God why you alive and I gotta mourn you
Word, I see you got a little crew now
A bunch of ugly broke bitches I know better than
And I ain't tryna say them hoes usin you
Well actually, who would I be kiddin? Yes I am
I see your life from far and somethin's off with it
It's my fault and shit, I shoulda never altered it
I sold a dream when you couldn't have known the cost of it
Knew my love came with a pain and I still offered it
Seein your weight loss knowin I'm the cause of it
If that ain't my signature then shit somebody forgin it
But you think I ain't hurt, like it ain't no guilt in me
Like it ain't killin me, I'm out here on a killin spree
A sickness, I ain't found a way to nurse it yet
Like I ain't a nervous wreck, like it's no reverse effect
Internal bleedin and the cuts run deep
Every time I leave one love, a loved one leaves
I wish I could take the pain away
But only yours, I'll be fine if I remain this way
See I deserve whatever punishment I get, you could sentence me to years
And hearin my vic's voice even when nothin is there


[Interlude: Yummy] + (Joe)
Pain, yeah (uhh)
Mm, mmm (c'mon, it go)
Yeah (look, talk to 'em)

[Joe Budden]
I done gone so long not givin a fuck that it's no longer erratic
Now it's a normal habit
Even when I go my way I gotta have it
Bury me with my sweats on and bitches in the casket
All the waiters and words, I let 'em loom on
Every verse real enough to write it on my tombstone
And so you know how real that paranoia be
It even make me think my demise is avoidin me
The sick part is I withstand that abuse
Long as the fans are amused, am I a man or a muse?
Never sugarcoat it when I hand it to the youth
Fell from all over the world and always landed in the booth
Uhh, I hold music in such a high regard that
to this day I still feel like it's destiny
And to these fans that I once gave my life for
I gotta tell you that it's not much left in me
Yeah, and not that it's growin old
But years of bearin my soul is takin it's toll
Took a father from his son, but is it best that way?
I'm so fucked up inside, I can't regret that Trey
Hold my head up high at the gates after my time's up
They say you saved somebody's life by givin mine up
Wouldn't be the first time that I went without
Chased my true love so much that I resent it now
You can put this in the scriptures like it's sacred
To live with it but hate it is to giveth then to take it
Goin through the motions, it'll strip a nigga naked
I guess it's for a cause if all the kids are gonna play it
Trust me, I ain't been the same yet
You'll stop and stare any time you see a trainwreck
And I'll take whatever punishment they give, you could sentence me to years
And hearin that fan's voice even when nothin is there


[Yummy Bingham]
Still learnin to live with
people comin in and out my life
The ones who matter show it over time
That's why they always stay on my mind
So I live in reality
Nobody else matters to me
But you, you, you
Why try to hide the truth?

[Chorus] w/ Yummy ad libs

[Outro: Yummy Bingham]
I'm tired of feelin this
I gotta live with thiiiiiiiiiiiis~!
Oooooooooooh yeah yeah