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Artist: Joe Budden
Album:  All Love Lost
Song:   Man Down
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Joey, mmm
Mic check, mic check
It go, uh

[Joe Budden]
Okay the wait's up, waited up, really don't know where to start
Niggaz fresh home want me dead and gone, I'm darin y'all
It's in arm's reach when I'm sleep, I'm prepared for y'all
Niggaz bleed, Big agree, ain't nobody scared of y'all
Besides let me summarize, they ain't got the wherewithal
I'm e'rywhere, they never there, when I'm gon' hear from y'all?
Y'all know me as Joe, don't wanna see me as Mouse
Let me address all these rumors so they don't leave out the house
I mean it started with Clue, that's when the bullshit begun
I was the best in my city, niggaz knew I was the one
Ain't have a dime to my name, still niggaz thought that I won
And niggaz that never did it want to tell me how it was done
I'm hearin some wanna clap, they don't fuck with me nigga
They say I never go back, well that's a luxury nigga
It's somethin I can afford, so what they say get ignored
They pray I'm on the wrong end of that Ford

They want me man DOWN...
They want me man DOWN...

Okay let's start it from scratch, put it all on line
My character's been defamed, I put it all online
Told 'em that's where we were headed, said I was wrong all the time
And now we finally here, I waited a long ass time
Been called every name in the book, been a liar, a deceiver
A cheater, a woman beater - am I all? Am I neither?
Been absorbin the ether, robbin Paul to pay Peter
High price to pay to strangers I been offerin me to
I've been more than a leader, even with my back to the wall
Thought I was finished forever when I was practicin falls
Now you second guessin yourself, you gotta ask what you saw
They fishin, wishin it's fiction, but ain't no actin at all
Can't even fathom the gall, they mad I'm appalled
Too much passion to call, nothin but bars, ain't no fashion involved
How his path ain't adored? How the fuck they laughin? Had to blast through the door
Ain't fathom havin so much cash in the drawer
First they love me and then they hate me then they love me again
First it's lovely and then it's ugly then it's fuck me again
Bitches don't text back, and then they suck me again
But still it's none of my business what they think of me again
When we talk about skill, they just love me again
I call 'em out for the kill, they just duck me again
But I was born for the storm, I mean abnormal's the norm
Maybe they wanna know how long will they mourn

They want a man DOWN...
They want me man DOWN...
Can anybody hear me?

I'm wishin this was a dream, maybe it's smoke in this mirror
Wish I could change it all just by blowin smoke in the mirror
Been such a long ride, wishin I was on the side
To get caffeine pills to stay awake with Sean Price
If I was by Eric Garner, I'd have yelled at the pigs
Gave him all my cash, he wouldn't have to sell that cig'
Shout to Bobbi Kristina, let her know that I love her
Wish she was alive or didn't die the same as her mother
Maybe my thinkin is off, when I blink I get thoughts
of bullets shakin the door, and tape around Chinx' Porsche
See it damaged my heart, I'd be right in Yams' car
To get the purp out his cup, and get his hands off the bar
Tell Stack that I miss him, see we losin a lot
I wanna hear from Shakir, I still miss Stuart Scott
Chris Lighty, Robin Williams still to this day
I pray nobody ever feel that way

Too many men DOWN!
OHH! Rest in peace
Too many men DOWN...
It go... DOWN...