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Artist: The Internet (Matt Martians & Syd Tha Kid)
Album:  Purple Naked Ladies
Song:   Web of Me
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Syd Tha Kid]
I hope you noticed the lack of social contact
It's not that you're not all that, it's just I know how this will end
You try to say you'll change for me but that's not the way to go
And even before I don't wanna try again with you that's not the move

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
You're just caught up in the web of me
Don't realize the reason why we never speak - it's you, not me

[Syd Tha Kid]
And you should know, I never tried to hurt you girl
Just got tangled up in the idea of being, together
We can live different lives together, gotta move on, just let it go, move on
I'm not the one for you and I know it
Call me you need me I got'chu
Dont call in vain cause I'm warning you, you might regret it
Ask me for help and I'm running
But make sure it's real or this friendship's over

[Chorus] - 2X