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Artist: The Internet f/ Tay Walker
Album:  Purple Naked Ladies
Song:   They Say
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[Syd Tha Kid]
They say that every day's a struggle and it takes time
But do they, do they have a clue?
How do I, do I tell the truth from a lie now?
They try to say hello, it's goodbye tomorrow
Just put a little weed in the bowl and you'll be all right
You'll be all right!

[Interlude: Syd Tha Kid]
Just, think, if, things were perfect
Would it, be, worth, it if even at all
So, don't, act, like, you can't take it
You were meant to be greatless, you can run to the stars

[Chorus: Syd Tha Kid & Tay Walker]
I know how easy, it is to give up
But don't let people, hold you down!
And I know sometimes, it'll amaze you (it'll amaze you)
But don't let it fade you, just hold your ground!
They say, they say hmmm
They say, they say hmmm
They say, they say hmmm

[Tay Walker]
Why do we trust those we don't know?
There's no need to hide, you know what's inside
What do we hear when there's love to spare?
Why don't we understand, that the only way to grow is sweet love

[Interlude] + [Chorus]