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Artist: Immortal Technique
Album:  Revolutionary Vol. 2
Song:   Crossing the Boundary
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash,

[Verse 1]
I never make songs to disrespect woman
or to judge people about the way that they're livin
But the way I am is based on the life I was given
like them white boys; "Losing My Religion"
I used to be a Christian and a political pawn
The Bible is right, and all your native culture is wrong
Next thing you know you telling me 'bout making a song
Come in the studio, and tell me that I'm making it wrong
Pissed off cause reality is making us strong
like the ghost of Timothy McVeigh making a bomb
Aiyyo Marvin Gaye, what the fuck is goin on?
These rap niggaz made propaganda out of your song
But it's The Gong Show, amateur night at the Apollo
My dick is like my music, but harder to swallow
So children follow me, like the Pied Piper
And sing the chorus in the air with your blunt and your lighter
(Sing that shit nigga, right now)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
You played yourself, thinkin that you down with me
I end your life nigga, don't fuck around with me
And if you kids can't listen then you bound to see
The way you get shot for crossin the boundary

[Verse 2]
The second verse is worse than the first in this respect
Scripted specifically to keep people in check
Harlem to Boston, real niggaz spit with me
But Landspeed, you ain't fuckin shit to me
And underground labels know that I don't trust you
You only independent 'til you major, so fuck you
And if you're pissed off 'cause you think that I dissed you
I rape your moms and we can make this a personal issue (hahaha)
Dance with the devil, remember that you're not on my level
Stupid you're not ready, I won The Cypher
Bragging Rights and Rock Steady
and practically, every battle that they got in New York
And I'll still murder rappers on the street for sport
Doctor Guillotine, cuttin you short little man
But you don't give me props cause I never won at Scribble Jam?
Well fuck you!
I hope somebody you love dies, so fuck your crew
And fuck your family too, Technique said it bitch
What the fuck you gon' do?


(Yeah, wrap it up on these niggaz, wrap it up, yeah)

[Verse 3]
Immortal Technique incinerate degenerate fags
Burn Trent Lott, wrapped in his confederate flag
I got the Beretta, with my face wrapped in a rag
So put the African slave juvelery in the bag
Motherfuckers tell me, that a diamond is forever
But is it worth the blood of Malcolm and Medgar Evers?
House niggaz get your head severed, tryin to be thug
You don't concern me, I'm trying to hurt the people you love
Word of mouth is I'm in the club bein sneaky
I'm like the +Body Snatchers+ and your girl is gettin sleepy
I murder you indiscreetly, right at the source
Like the Roman legionaire that stabbed Christ on the cross
This is about Judo, it ain't about Jesus
And you shouldn't fuckin talk about telekenesis
Nigga please, movin shit with your mind
Try movin your moms out the projects with your rhymes
And next time, I'm coming after 'cual quiera'
Profanity, fuckin 'carajo maldita mierda'
Roll up the yerba, y, pasala para la izquierda
I put the price up to listen to me pop shit
Cause I got Martha Stewart givin me stock tips
Underground money with honies up in the whip
Bang Bus dot com nigga, fuckin your bitch

Yeah, you played yourself nigga
Fuck all y'all!
You don't know shit about me!
Never open your mouth and discuss who the fuck I am
I thought I told y'all niggaz on "Vol. 1" I wasn't fuckin around
You just slept, cause you sold a few thousand units in the golden era
when niggaz would buy ANYTHING on the shelf
Those days are through, and you're through with them!