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Artist: Immortal Technique
Album:  Revolutionary Vol. 1
Song:   No Me Importa
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Look I ain't never been afraid to tell how I really feel
Nunca, I think everybody should know that
Yo creo que todos ustedes deben saber eso
Fuckin' ought to know, yo
So I gotta tell these chicks a lot of times, mira
Tú estás actuando en una manera muy mala
Bien mala y no me importa ya, yeah, so I gotta let you know
Let 'em know. Here we go, dígale a la gente, B
Gotta let you know for real. Son drop that

[Verse I]
Siempre me encuentro con la mujer equivocada
A superficial mami con la alma comprada
Yo I'm sick of stupid chicks que hablan de nada
Let's got to my house conversación acabada
Yeah we can fuck but you gotta go after mañana
You walking bowlegged porque te deje clavada
Don't ever talk shit about niggaz and get enojada
There's a reason that you never been properly amada
Cause you fuck niggaz and suck dick como si nada
Para la porquería and save the drama
Don't come to the fucking club con una actitud mala
You've been drinking too much Bacardi and smoking lala
Escúchame señorita, if you don't respect yourself
Don't expect respect from anyone else
Don't expect an hombre to support you with wealth
Go to college and be successful, do it for delf
Nunca vas a ser shit without knowledge of self
Mamis with cultural ineptitude are bad for your health
That's the type of mujer that I put back on the shelf
And go back to the packed crowd to look for somebody else

Adiós, check it

We keep it moving properly
No me importa lo que haces, ain't no way of stopping me
Moving through property, like I own every monopoly
Smoking broccoli, compartiendo ideologies
Pero solamente pasa on a special occasion
With beautiful intelligent mamis that stay blazing
(Stay blazing!)

Y ahora for you motherfucking niggaz
Yo... sí

[Verse 2]
Immortal Technique the resurrected Che Guevara
But y'all cats are just a bunch of fake Tony Montanas
I bring drama like revolución Cubana
And rock stages like my last name was Santana
Como puedes comparar your entourage to my squad
You motherfuckers is faker than Resurrection Boulevard
Don't try to be hard cuz I don't stress fake goodfellas
I'll burn your house down and empty the clip in tu abuela
Mucha gente try to convince everyone that they trife
Hablando mierda but you never shot a gun in your life
Siempre gritando how you keep it real in the cife
But most of your rappers can't even keep it real with your wife
I'll sacrifice a puto cabrón for running his mouth
Carjack and kidnap you in front of your house
And while you tied up riding shotgun while I'm driving down south
I'll push the pedal to setenta and kick you the fuck out (Fuera)
Solamente to look back and have something to laugh about
I doubt you really want Technique as an enemigo
Fuck with me I'll make your people turn up desaparecido
My 'stilo is Túpac Amaru Y Zapatista
I'm a rebel soldier murdering rap artistas
Colombian necktie emcees, hasta la vista (huh)
Taking over the fucking country like a socialista

Cobardes, yo

We keep it moving properly
No me importa lo que haces, ain't no way of stopping me
Moving through property, like I own every monopoly
I'll blow your fucking brains out and spread your philosophy (God damn)
This is for all the celoso motherfuckers that's watching me
I don't make threats bitch lo que hablo is prophecy

De verdad, para que toda la gente sepa que no me importa
Cuanta mierda ustedes hablan o cuanta mierda
I'm gonna still be on my job. Forever, I'll still be here (Claro que sí)
I'll still be doing my thing. Para siempre. Cojudo
Para siempre. I'll be in everybody's parade
Immortal Technique, se ha acabado la mierda..