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Artist: Immortal Technique f/ Akir, Pharoahe Monch
Album:  The 3rd World
Song:   Apocalypse Remix *
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* hidden track; found only by rewinding track #1 from the beginning

{"Green Lantern"}

[Immortal Technique]
The system, can never stop what's been set into motion
Like volcanic eruptions on the floor of the ocean
My purpose is to burst to the surface
Immersed in the smoltering lava from verses
surrounded by, murder mamis not bitches that's worthless
I cut chicken heads off, like hexes and curses, weapons I purchase
make Homeland Security nervous; I run, pockets and purses 
like subway searchers robbin masonic temples disguised as churches
I'm busy so I'll leave that one for you to interpret
Three serpents of merchants from military industry murder
The beef is eatin up, like the mad cow in your burger
Fathom the cause of cattle cannibalism
Factory farms, are like a fuckin animal prison
The microcosm of, Adam Smith's capitalism
America's pagan religion given as the mark of the beast to the Christians
A destruction of, Babylon, that's my mission!

[Chorus: Immortal Technique]
Everywhere Tech and them go, the Feds watchin us
Clockin the world through satellites like binoculars
We fight for the release of political hostages
Motherfuckin right soldier, this is the apocalypse!
Everywhere Tech and them go, the Feds watchin us
Clockin the world through satellites like binoculars
We fight for the release of political hostages
Waitin for 2012's burning apocalypse

Yo, sex drugs and murder, webcams and burgers
Check scams and lurkers, test scans to purpose
Sect crams to further, death plans and workers
Get canned you nervous as you step, plan that hurts us
It's demand to be purchased, we can care if you serve us
We programmed to be perfect, frequent handed the serpents
An amazement on purpose, see I'm amazin my earners
But now the tables is turnin, got my hand right on that curtain
Hit the stages and burn it, with these pages I earn this
Can't take it, I'm nervous while fake enemies perp'in
Foul energies worth and, crowds' ears'll be perkin
Take it somethin disturbin and it's hurtin for certain
Yearnin to get my turn in, workin to get a word in
Been in the scene observin while I'm learnin how the system's worked and
Capitalistic merchants tryin to make a million urgent
Constructive revolution confusin how the world's burnin

[Chorus 2X: Akir]
Everywhere I get 'em go, the beast watchin us
Know we got the spot in control, they got binoculars
When we be, out on the road they try to follow us
You never gon' silence this, this is the apocalypse

[Pharoahe Monch]
You have now acquired an old cyrus hybrid, work 'til my third iris
Chip inside my brain projects scriptures onto my eyelids
Celibacy, virtual sex, avoid the virus
Secretive shit that I did will put the city at high risk
The mentalist, the temple that houses the wisdom
It's like, Malcolm X calculus amalgamated algorithms
They say "Pharoahe, teach me about the system"
Nigga boot me in your computer I'll give you acute astigmatism
See through +Windows+, +Word+, Pharoahe's the +Mac+ +Intel+
Bit off the +Apple+, plant seeds, spit crack +Excel+
Lyrical +FireFox+, the verbal +Explorer+
Who metaphors the industry to Sodom and Gomorrah for ya
They profit from water, they'll profit from oxygen
Pharoahe the prophet says that this is the apocalypse
We livin in these last days, use your optics what the topic is
The coppers got binoculars, they'll probably try to knock us cause

[Chorus: Pharoahe Monch, Immortal Technique]
[PM] Everywhere Pharoahe goes, the Feds watchin me
[IT] Satellites observin the fulfillment of the prophecy
[PM] Middle fingers up to the sky with no apologies
[IT] Cause none of you got an apocalypse insurance policy
[PM] Everywhere Pharoahe goes, the Feds watchin me
[IT] Fascism breakin out of the cocoon of democracy
[PM] Middle fingers up to the sky with no apologies
[IT] Iraq was just practice for the urban war philosophy

[Outro: Immortal Technique]
Ha ha ha, AH-hahahahaha!
It's burnin in here, call the Fyre Dept.
Akir, aiyyo Pharoahe
They ain't never gon' find this shit man
Ha ha ha ha, like the weapons of mass destruction