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Artist: Iggy Azalea
Album:  Iggy in Moscow (S)
Song:   Iggy in Moscow
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Listen, I hope you're listening
Dismissing my opposition
Good riddance to all you bitches
I'm finished with all you bitches
I'm cooking, I said I'm cooking. Fresh out the pot
Now you looking, I got you looking, you want my spot

I mean its one for the haters,one for the road
Literally, bitch, I let her go
You ain't got a name, I Let you go
Whoop that trick-Hustle Flow
Do you really, really wanna go?
You take one, shit, I take 40 - Producer O.V.O
Think you know all about me like Wiki, ho?
All you do is Dream like you was Christina Milian
I'm sorry Nicki but these hoes disrespecting hard
Had to address the nonsense, here's a postcard

Smell aroma. I kill these hoes
At least they'd know their not tricked out
Put beats in comas. Rhymes so sick. Words [?]

You're defeated before you speak it. Now deleted. End of your plan
In time you will all see, I'm so fresh man
Your mouth fronting, hey. It get tackled
Nagalova, bitch. Second home: The Big Apple
Who want beef, ho? I heard cattle
Bury bitches in the sand. I'm making sand castles

Very likely that I'll reach a high, insane
So I hope you got a rain coat. Ready for this rain
Hang yourself. Stop. Let me get this cake
Better luck next time. Oh its my time. You're [?]

And leave, rake, leave- fall
Heel bottoms look like crime scene, ball!
Red bottoms. Fans? Got 'em
Getting in these bitches ass', yea-sodom

I'm dope as a rapper on a millie
Bank account in a week, about a million
George book me for a million shows
New Classic. Take over. Straight beast mode