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Artist: Ice-T & Black Silver f/ RBX
Album:  Urban Legends
Song:   Street Sweeper 
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[Intro: RBX]
Real, Black Ice!
Real Street Sweeper
Come On!! Come On!! 
Ha ha ha

[Chorus: Black Silver] 
Me and my Street Sweeper, UHH! make a sucker believer YEAH!
Me and my Street Sweeper, UHH! make a sucker believer YEAH!
You see I hold it in my left hand, load that motherfucker when I ride
Jack it off one time for the money, once more when I got him inside
Yeah! Yeah! Come On!! Come On!!

[Verse One: Black Silver]
Fuck all that bragging with that half rap (YEAH!) 
Exactly what I'm laughing at (UHHA!)
Black Silver ain't having that, Mac-10 they had attack
Maximize, out claps guys, crews got outsized
Flatline, cold as Ice cause you got baptized
Overdosing on that Okie Doke
So we hustle a bit on that damn smoke
Zooming in like the telescope, game sealed like an envelope
Make a nigga walk that high rope, have it quick and I read his phonescope
Give me that cash, you don't believe him, I know he seen this shit 
It's Mr. Push-on, count stacks, mack some ass, get relax 
With my chopper always, we're short stoppers here today
Crime Pays been that way, Rhyme pays in a different way
'More Money' that's my word, Bishop, Big Mo' and IceBerg

[Chorus: Black Silver] 

[Verse Two: Ice-T]
I got a Street Sweeper, 12-Guage barrel clip
Wanna see the streets clean, nigga get set-trip
Butterflying in front of gun, twist it up to swing loaded
Fill my shelves with nickles and dimes, watch your chest get exploded
I can't pack it, it's real big to hide
I bring it out when we're ready to ride
We keep shooting no pump, just Click Clack!
You gotta hold it steady, it really get back
It's very ugly, no chrome kinda burn brown
It don't matter, you won't see it when you lay down
No way to silence it (*Gun Shot*) it's where the violence is
Iceberg nigga, I think your wife is scared

[Chorus: Black Silver] 
[Verse Three: RBX]
Surprise! Street Sweeper
The missile, the heat seeker
Dust the block off like Return of the Grim Reaper
It could be the brash, watch the tongue cold latched
Dabble broke out, you got your back patched
One time trigger happy, still no love
Niggaz get thirsty, so we push and shove
Wait! hold on that, you wanna be famous 
Baww! Hole over the front page News 

[Chorus: Black Silver]