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Artist: Ice-T & Black Silver
Album:  Urban Legends
Song:   I'm So Fly 
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[Intro: Ice-T]
Awww man, sometimes I just.. 
I just say to myself man; why am I this God, man? (I'm so fly!)
I can't help it baby, no matter what I do, man (I'm so fly!)
Everything just comes for real, man
Just makes it ~ just happens, man (I'm so fly!)
There I go; just so fly

[Verse One: Ice-T]
Sometimes I kick back and take a look at my drawer
I wish I had a brand new collection of clothes
But I don't, so I crease up my Khakis again
Scrub off my air ones and I'm back in the wane
I might go, and take a little trip to the mall
Ain't got no money but I might knock a bitch at the mall 
It ain't about your chain, it's about your game
I slide up on a shorty, and I spell her my name
She liked the scent, a fresh went to green breath mint
And play out at the way, the baby's back was bent
She told me: She was a whore, if I was a pimp 
I told her: Get down with it, get down with it then!

[Chorus: Ice-T]
I'm so fly - I truly can't help myself
I got everything on earth player except for the wealth
I'm so fly - I get up every morning and say
Goddamn! I'm a lucky man to feel this way
I'm so fly - Born with it, always had
I guess I gotta give a lot of props to my dad
I'm so fly - Number one on the haters mind
Take a number bitch nigga, hit the back of the line

[Verse Two: Ice-T]
Now I used to carry guns and I lock your block
Nowadays, I shoot guns on my new XBOX®
Eat some cereal, and some Ice corn milk
Kick off my gators, maybe lay back and chill 
I don't like the phone, cause the phone is always drama
My homies always wanna go to war like Osama
I tell a man kick back, please don't trip 
I try to explain it, when I be tying my clip
So uhh.. I keep it cool, dude, check out some Youtube 
Throw on my IPod® groove tube; to some old tunes
I can't help it, that's how I was made 
I'm O.G. - baby like great Kool-Aid®

[Chorus: Ice-T]

[Verse Three: Ice-T]
I listen to these cats everyday on BET
I know they wish like hell in their hearts they could me
I roll Caddy, drop top, with the Chrome frame
I'm riding slow while you're mashing in the fast lane
Ain't no rush cousin
I'm owning Gold Daytonas and my pump is Cushion®
You thought the fuck it wasn't?
You're with that high price whore, getting your pockets crease
I'm down at Popeyes® with my bitch in a three piece
I'm so fly, everything I do
And the one thing I don't do is ever wish I was you
I'm so fly, and so fly is my crew
IceBerg baby, I'm so sure you knew

[Chorus: Ice-T]