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Artist: Ice-T f/ Kryst (D.V. Alias Khryst), Medina 
Album:  SMG: The Rap Repossession *
Song:   Ya Got Me Open
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* Also known as Sex, Money and Guns

[Intro: Ice-T]
Sex!! (*echoed three times*)

[Chorus: Kryst]
This ain't the game that players play
I've never ever felt this way
I've never thought I could fall in love
You got me open girl

[Verse One: Ice-T]
They had me last week, I was with my crew at the club
Straight looking for sex, I wasn't thinking about love
Caught your eye up in the V.I. ~ scoping me out
Thought I'd go kick some convo, to see what you're about
Stood off to the right, to catch your friend from the sigh
You wasn't banging, I ain't macking, I ain't gonna lie
But your kid was working, yeah, it was all good
Nothing packs more power than the ass in the hood
You had the real one, I had to get to drop on it
A fat brown ghetto booty with the top on it
And sexy high lips, that's all I needed to know
Was time to move into your zone, and let you feel my flow
Cracked the boat into the VIP, and there you are
It was filled with fronting suckers, I'm a big Rap Star
They was buying Crist-al, talking about their cars
Seen my crew then stepped back, cause they know who we are
Made a move to your booth, locked ties again
I've seen a little proof, and you kicked a bud to your friend
Said my name is Ice, and asked you where's your man
You said: "AT HOME!" I said let's keep it like that if we can
You laughed, cracked a smile, then you told me your name
Gave a player props, didn't front on my fame
I thought that was fly, cause it wasn't in the game
Then you asked if I wanted some of your champage "You Want Some?"
I said: yeah mammi, then you poured me a drink
Puckered up your lips, and gave the player a wink
You had on tight leather the pants, sitting on your mink
Lay this presidential in a Parvette link, you said:

I used to listen to you back in junior High (Is that right?)
You're old enough to be my daddy, but I think you're fly (Okay!)
I really ain't happy at all with my guy (Talk to me)
If I could ever be your girl, I would die (Oohh!)

[Chorus: Kryst X2]

[Verse Two: Ice-T]
[Medina] I was watching you, hoping all night that you come
And I was sitting there looking at the stud in your tongue 
Noticing you wore your blouse with no flaw
Trying to keep my temperature down to stay raw
You looked down at my Two-way and you gave me a nod
We're beamed each other, I give thanks to God
You Said: I really ain't trying to play no games tonight
You can take me to your crib, Ice, if that's what you like (AWW Baby!)
I said: you sure? - I don't believe in fronting
Wasting time like bitches, ain't got nothing
If my sex is good, then maybe we'll grow
If my love is whack, dis me and call me a whore
You're talking real, girl, you thought you wasn't tiped
To valet with the V-Dosen, mash through the air few of the Hudson
Gave me good loving, with no discussion
Woke up the next morning, laying across my chest
I spent the whole night laying in your caress
When the sunlight hits you, girl, you look your best
Then you told me not to move, said I lead in my wrest
Cooked breakfast buttnaked than you told me the truth
You Said: This is where I wanted to be since my youth
Every yellow man I had in my life, thought him was you (UHHA!)
And I don't care if I got to be with a crew, I want you! (MAN!)

[Chorus: Kryst X2]

[Verse Three: Ice-T]
And for the last seven days, I been laced by this Czech
She said: I do whatever, baby, it takes to get rich
You really mean whatever, baby, I'm not your pinch
What if we get static, then I'm dropping the clinch
And what about drama? I'll never give you no lick
How about when I need lover?, then I'm down there quick
Now, I got to sit back and analyze my position
Player or a lover, that's a big decision (AWWW BABY!)
To keep you baby this could be a fly mission
You and your fly home girls hugging and kissing
How long can this last? that's the question I asked
Once you got your own ride, your clothes, your cash
I'ma take a chance like you did the very first night
This can last an other week, maybe last for life
You can end up my homegirl or maybe my wife
I don't know, you got me open girl!

[Chorus: Kryst until faded]