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Artist: Ice-T 
Album:  SMG: The Rap Repossession *
Song:   Intro
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* Also known as Sex, Money and Guns

One, two, this is Ice-T
You're about to listen to the SMG album
Yeah, this album is dedicated to you motherfuckers out there
As far as I'm concern; there's two types of niggaz and two types of bitches
One type the dude, is a kind of nigga that sees some motherfucker out in his car
Looking good, riding on them rims
Representing with his bitches, representing with his paper
And he gives the nigga the thumbs up, smiles at him! 
Gets inspired, feels he can do it, or he is already doing it
That's my nigga!
There's also them bitches out there, that's representing for their man
Holding him down, you know what I'm saying?
It's about him, not about his money, about him 
Whether he's on the streets down good or bad, or in jail doing a bid
She's holding him down, you know what I'm saying?
That's that one kind of bitch, and that one kind of nigga!!

Then there's that other kind of nigga
The nigga that sees you doing good, and frowns up
Looks at your Ice grills, you're mad hot
Talking shit like you're gonna go to jail in a minute
And fuck him in this stand and the other
Cause he's mad at himself cause he can't get shit
And he knows his life is a fucking failure
And then there's that bitch, that's only about money
That's only about the motherfucking dollar
That doesn't give a fuck about the nigga
Just running around here thinking she gonna come up
Cause she's some Fly-Super, you know, unjustifiable ego bitch
You know what I'm saying?

Cause there's two types of people in the world
Them niggaz; and them other niggaz 
You just figure out which one you are!!