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Artist: Ice-T f/ Smoothe Da Hustler, Trigger Tha Gambler
Album:  SMG: The Rap Repossession *
Song:   Bang Bang 
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* Also known as Sex, Money and Guns

[Trigg:] Trigger Tha Gambler
[Ice-T:] Iceberg
[Smooth] I'm Smoothe Da Hustler
[Trigg:] So come check us out at,
[Ice-T:] Yeah
[Smooth] What?
[Ice-T:] SMG motherfucker, you heard about it?!! 
[Smooth] Fagots know 
[Ice-T:] It's going down, niggaz started sounding like motherfucking pussies out there 
[Smooth] They carry Guns dogg!! no matter.. 
[Ice-T:] It's real, this is it nigga, yeah, this is Gangster Rap
[Smooth] ?? heard about it! smell y'all, smell y'all
[Ice-T:] Iceberg in the place
[Smooth] Uhha!
[Ice-T:] Gambler, Hustler, it's going down bitch!!
[Chorus: Ice-T X2]
Bang bang; Every time we come around your city
Bang bang; Twenty macks hold about fifty
Bang bang; Should've claimed your block out quickly
Bang bang; Bang bang!! 
[Verse One: Ice-T]
Out on time gagging; just came to take the sock out of your mouth
Then take you in the backyard and blow your fucking brains out (*Explosion*)
Twist the game up, complex, gangster confusing 
You'll never know which strap I'm using
Whores speak the tunes in; better than Gs, hand the heat off
Catch you in the V-I-P, knock your whole street off
Catch you in a vall-ey, leave you on your bailey
Watch for the ricochet cause.. this is L.A.
Home of the Body-bag, home of the toe-tag
Home of the Blue and Red rags, and the pants sag
Pull out your gat nigga, dress for the freeze tag
You think I care, I put on my vest before my underwear
Never smiled nigga, don't talk that much
My gat's cold, I feel it when it's touching my nuts
Let's get it going, fuck the flowing, bring your drama
And don't forget your body armor 
[Chorus: Ice-T with minor variations X2]
[Verse Two: Trigger Tha Gambler]
It's the black beast from Brownsville
Scaring like the dark block when the Hounds kill
You found scar in your life, I found steel
Never left a gunfight until the ground's filled
Never ran, never will, I take blocks and raid spots
Whatever that the round spills, is where the tape stops
Since a kid, we kept a grudge, we hate cops
SMGs the replay switch, .38 the glocks 
Play heading niggaz, I can flip your blow bouts
Heat niggaz by these whores, split the skull out 
It's the reason why; Def Jam held me back
My mind is out of the troll; they had to mail me tracks 
Trigger's whack; what hell is that? - I spit like the gat
I'm iller than your Rasta, you ain't got to tell me that
96 I was back, hard to the core
Flex was dropping bombs, like a station just blown to roar

[Chorus: Ice-T with minor variations X2]
[Verse Three: Smoothe Da Hustler]
Every time Brooklyn in the place "BANG BANG!!"
Anytime Hustler on the Mic "Same thang!!"
Hit your head, lift your chain
Watch your brains hang, so maintain nigga
It's the New York native, Brooklyn ripper
Niggaz move back when I cop the groove back like stirrer
I'm a dolo dirt doer, I do that better
Nigga trip, triggers drip, spit through that leather
Shoot at, do the damage down and dirty, I demonstrate
Destruction with the Derringer, and watch niggaz disintegrate
I'm no joke, blow, gunsmoke, if one choked that's one hope 
And for second you got the next one wope
No folks on both coasts who throw toasts
Butter niggaz out for the bread, I'm drawing votes
Hustler figured fuck for the bread, I roll with both to keep my .44 so close
[Chorus: Ice-T X2]