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Artist: Ice-T 
Album:  The Seventh Deadly Sin
Song:   NY, NY
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The seventh baby... 

I represent from LA 
All the way to (NY NY) 
And when I get down 
I get down here in LA 
All the way to (NY NY) 
And when I parley 
I parley here in LA
All the way to (NY NY) 

Touched the Iceberg baby 
I'll send you under like the Titanic 
Gun fight romantic
Gigantic on the pages 
Of the hustler trade 
World reknown for my realness
Only the real will feel this 
Stainless steel is 
The straps that I'm copulating 
Touch'em a lady (?) 
Blow your hand off 
African stand-off 
The general
Ice the hardest mineral 
Feel me, a gem correct 
One thing that I got you'll never get's respect 
I stick the pits on ya 
I represent California 
Home of the shooters
The looters
The drug movers
Girl barracuda 
Set you up for the kill 
Where you're really not ballin unless you got 10 mill 
I shine so bright I blind ya 
Cross my crew, we'll find ya 
It's a motherfuckin shame 
My dominance to this game 
I live for gun smoke aroma 
Mack yo' bitch into a coma 
Two hoes like Noah of every type
Bitches I kick to curbs, you would make your wife 
Twice hit by the gun spit, kid still breathing 
While half you busters in this damn game are still teething
Believe it if you say it enough that you'll be it 
You never lived none of your raps, or even seen it 
I mean it, every word a brother say 
Everyday a brother play, kid 
I politic and parley 
The fact is I practice
Camoflauge to this 
R & B androgynous  
Get the most play 
So I get fly
Do a movie - quadruple my cash 
You just went double platinum
Let's see if you last
Every word that I say is documented and repeated
The truth is, I dropped the raw game, boy believe it
I've succeeded, in turning dirty dough legal 
Bounced to the Bentley from the prime-it-up Regal 
Like Biggie says, It's unbelieveable 
My street pull
You even play like step in my way
You'll meet my people


I've been round the world ballin, did it all, what's next? 
While most of y'all busters on your first rolex 
Been deep in the life kid, since 76 
Touched the water, the crack game, the jewelry licks 
Fix yourself if you're broke fool, that ain't my fault 
The game must be taught and comprehended, then implemented 
Moves done illegally, carried out strategically 
Or else incarceration is felt, the hand is dealt
You lose it's frightening 
Hit with 10 indictments 
Kiss your baby and your wife 
You're riding kites for life 
Alot of y'all won't feel me, but some of y'all do 
I'll move at least a half a mill of this before I'm through 
That ain't the most, but I've done this longer than you 
Plus it ain't my only gig, I'm still connected 
With the boys that can flip a thou to a ticket 
My stature when you're in my rapture 
Meet me on the street? I'm the nicest brother you meet 
Confusing sometimes, the way I bust a rough rhyme 
You might think I'm lying, cool I like that 
I smile in your face, squeeze off the case, rock the glock back 
In your stomach, then I'll smile again
Don't want to be your enemy, I'd rather be your friend 
Only the real win in the game, but what's the prize? 
Every man goes through mad drama, and every man dies 
Look in my eyes, touch my soul, I ain't like you
The evil I've done, I've got lots of retribution to do
That's an impossible task, 'cause every night the gats blast
So I look to the sky and ask
I've been blessed by God to rock this mic hard, so I do it
You got a problem, work through it
I love New York night, bright lights and action 
I love bailin with my Bronx niggas, party crashin
I love switch hittin with my niggas on the shaw 
You might see me in New Orleans at Mardi Gras 
Or Miami at the Lex, in the Oaktown live 
Or in Chi-town at the Players Ball, true P.I. 
Pimp or Die, Ice baby, it's a well known fact 
That true players play the whole map. 

And we play all the way to (NY NY)