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Artist: Ice-T, The Glove, Dave Storrs
Album:  Breakin'
Song:   Reckless (12") by Ice-T, The Glove & Dave Storrs
   Hey, boy!
   Verse 1
   Once upon a time a DJ's task
   Was just to play records, what more could you ask?
   But then came remixes, scratching and cuts
   Which was too much for many, drove some DJ's nuts
   But the DJ named Glove has reigned supreme
   As the turntable wizard of the hip-hop scene
   So listen to him, check him out, but remember this
   When The Glove's on the wheels of steel he's Reckless
   Verse 2
   This high-powered music is truly unique
   As The Glove cuts the rhythm to the hip-hop beat
   He moves like a madman as he spins his disc
   He's the number one scratcher on the DJ list, he's Reckless
   Verse 3
   Now I've seen DJ's, too many to name
   Some gained recognition and even fame
   But when you talk of MC's, Ice-T is the best
   And when you talk of DJ's, forget the rest, Glove's Reckless
   Verse 4
   So listen very closely as The Glove throws down
   He cuts like a razor to the big beat sound
   Dave's layin' down a groove that we know you'll like
   With The Glove on the turntables and Ice-T on the mic, we're Reckless
   Verse 5
   So listen to the music, let your mind feel free
   Realize you're with the master G-L-O-V-E
   Dave and MC Ice-T, you know you're with the best
   Because when we're in the mix you know the groove is fresh
   and Reckless, Reckless, Reck-Reck-Re-Reckless