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Artist: Ice-T
Album:  VI: Return of the Real
Song:   Real
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Ice-T six; Return of the Real!
Real is a word people don't really wanna deal with
Real is a difference between the way things should be
And they way things are!
Things should be beautiful and everybody should get along
Things are really fucked up!
Opportunity isn't available to everybody
Motherfuckers do go to jail
Men and women do not always get along
A woman doesn't think twice about referring to her man as a dog
But then breaks down when she is called a Bitch
That's really fucked up! - Real!
The first four letters in reality; You're Ready To Get There!
That's what this is all about
Lot of my homies are really incarcerated, locked up!
In Federal Penitentiaries and State Institutions will never come home
This album is dedicated to them
And my homies that have died and passed on in the past few years
Really never get a chance to hear this record
My music is designed for the individuals out there
Who are ready to deal with the truth
The truth is; that anything that is alive
It do whatever it has to do, to remain alive
It's called survival
And no matter how cold and fucked up it may seen
That's real!