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Artist: Ice-T
Album:  Return of the Real Promotional CD
Song:   File #143
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[Brian:] Doctor, can you pull off an old case for me?
[Doctor] I need the file number?
[Brian:] It's file number 143
[Doctor] 143, it says here, patient was a musician
Uhh.. tried to work with his.. community leaders, bomb Force mate.. and
records label
And.. aight.. says the people turned on
[Brian:] Yeah, well there's body popping up all over the city!
[Doctor] Well, it also says, he is running through extreme violence
As well as uhh.. Radical in a rational noose swings.
[Brian:] How would you uhh.. recommend we apprehend the subject type this time?
[Doctor] Well if it was me, I would just stayed the hell out of his way
And this guy is fucking crazy, I mean uhh..
you don't have to genius to see that he is snapped

[Voice:] Excuse me detective Brian, to the phone call Line One
[Brian:] Thanks!
[Brian:] Brian here! Awww FUCK! he just killed again!