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Artist: Ice-T f/ L.P.
Album:  Return of the Real Promotional CD
Song:   Down With Us
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[Ice-T] Awww! Yeah
[L.P.-] Yeah
[Ice-T] Uhha
[L.P.-] We're gonna do it like this y'all, is down with us
[Ice-T] Umhhmm
[L.P.-] Is down with us, is down with us, is down with us
[Ice-T] Let's do that shit L.P.

[Verse One: L.P.]
It goes off one for your daddy, two for your mama
Three counts from the gat, now save all up that drama
I'm uhh.. not that fool you wanna fuck with
I love it, when a nigga talk much shit
I stay lit-fully equipped like that soldier in the jungle
I might tumble when I rumble, but I won't fumble
Crumble fools up like bricks
Reload the Uzi, blow a fool in bits (POW!)
Cause it's that loony, toony, fool from the Boonies
I ain't going back to that big patted room, G
So if it's on, let's get it started
I'm not Juvie raper, but when I fight I get retarded
Death due too, you asked whose this fool be and I tell ya
More juiced than Rock-a-fella, when I roll I'm a-capella
I'm that nigga, that negro, call me what you want
Ain't no Ifs, Ands and Maybes when I'm opening the trunk
I plug, buck to get fuck, what the mother fuck?
No matter if you duck, get shit out of luck
Cause I got these kids who got friends; and clown with us
But not too many niggaz is down with us

[Interlude: L.P.]
Hen-G - Is down with us!
Evil E - Is down with us! (UHHA!)
God Father - Is down with us!
The Rest of you niggaz, can get these Nuts!
South Central Cartel - Is down with us!
Rhyme Poetic Mafia - Is down with us!
Tha Alkaholiks - Is down with us!

[Verse Two: Ice-T]
Time to check the Mic and make the VUs lean
Evil E be breaking beats as I checks the green
Mad blows and ankles, Ice sews plaques to scripts
Sucker niggaz say they know me, but don't know jack-shit
Down with Ferrikhan and the Gods in earth
Represent for Zulu Nation since my Hip-Hop birth
Don't hate white people, cause I deal with facts
All my dead homies got smoked by blacks
When I'm in the hood, I walk the streets alone
If I needed Bodyguards, I'll keep my punk ass home
Wash my ass with zest, don't usually use cologne
But if I ever put it on, that means I'm out to blow
UHH! - my habitat is bass and drums
Rhyme too hard for many, too soft for some
The real niggaz is always here
And give the brother mad props, half mill' a year (RIGHT!)
When I hit the streets, I wear my Fila® light Gear
Drink the great Snapple®, don't fuck with bear (UH-UH!)
In the club; I never talk that much (HOWCOME?!)
Cause not too many niggaz, is down with us

[Interlude: Ice-T]
Funky Gripsta - Is down with us!
Wrecked Dialect - Is down with us!
The Body Snatchers - Is down with us!
The Rest of you niggaz, can get these Nuts!
Gangsta Dre'sta - Is down with us!
Public Enemy - Is down with us!
Double Jeopardy - Is down with us!

[Verse Three: L.P.]
Although my style is plain, I split brains
Fuck the crank, I leave the technique to Wu-Tang
I'm bad as the best if not better
It ain't about the coast, see, it's all about the nigga
So how you wanna do it? - we can take it to the streets
Take it to the beat, or step to me if you see me at the Swap Meet
Cause ain't no strain in my game
It's all good in the hood unless you hate me for my fame
I crack a hole in your skull with a knife that's droll
Dump the body, then go and put my tank on full
Hull, I got more pool than the Chevy®
Drop mad funk like the Brand New Heavies
Ace got the track, Ice got the gat (UHH!)
But like I told your ass, nigga I got my own bat
I leave you dead on your Imperial, take your material
I slayed more than once, so I guess I'm a cereal
Killing motherfuckers, straight down to bust
Recognize, you ain't down with us

[Interlude: L.P.]
Aiyyo, Body Count - Is down with us!
Westside Players - Is down with us!
HUH, Gangster G - Is down with us!
The Rest of you niggaz, can get these Nuts!
My brother Fat-So-Bee - Is down with us!
Yo, Ill-Town - Is down with us!
That nigga Dre - Is down with us!

[Verse Four: Ice-T]
Niggaz talk much shit when I be in the place
Kool-Aid® pumping bitches never to my face
Sucker, I plug your card, step in your drill bro'
Then you shake my hand, yo, when you was dissing a minute ago
Bitch, I got no time for sucker whore games
Served a hundred emcees leave them burning with no frames
The Hell Raiser kid, I wild like pinhead
Wax the fucking concert, leave the first five Bros dead
Uhh.. the microphone is now starting to warm
Many emcees got a rap, but never had perform
Many bitches get back stage but never make it home
Step to me and feel the nigga split your dome
I pimp the lyrics and the beat is my stroll
Play with young girls' hearts since I was twelve years old (UHHA!)
Player to my heart that's why I still wear gold
Girlies named me Ice cause I was just too cold (DAMN!)
When I'm with the freak, I bang that ass real hard
Trying to represent and make her scream to God
Always finish Doggystyle cause that ass be fat
Cause I wild like that, I ill like that
I freak like that, I fuck like that
I cum like that, it's cool like that
I got mad mellow drama, you can't see me, I'm invisible man
You can't be me cause I get loose like Whodini
Don't let niggaz get too close, cause very view I trust
And not too many niggaz, is down with us!

[Interlude #4: Ice-T]
Self Ski - Is down with us!
The Geto Boys - Is down with us!
The Wu-Tang Clan - Is down with us!
The Rest of you niggaz, can get these Nuts!
The Zulu Nation - Is down with us!
Tribe Called Quest - Is down with us!
Nation of Islam - Is down with us!

[Monologue: Ice-T]
Yeah, yo, I wanna send this record out to all the motherfuckers
That been down with the Syndicate since day one, you know what I'm saying?
Niggaz out in the East like GangStarr, you know what I'm saying?
Niggaz up North like my motherfucker Too Short, word!
I can't thank to everybody by his motherfucking name
And peace to all the Gods of the earth, if you know what I'm saying?
Cause word in life, only the real true niggaz
just been down with us since day one, you know what I'm saying?
Now as for all of you; buster ass, faggot ass, bitch motherfuckers
That off-and-on like a motherfucking light switch
You niggaz can suck my dick while I take the shit basically
Cause you ain't nothing but a bunch of bitch ass-whore made niggaz, and fuck you!
And if I see you, and you step to me, to say something at the way
I will bust you in your motherfucking head, and you know that!
That's why you say shit behind my back; you bunch of whore ass niggaz
You know what you can do; you can get these motherfucking Nuts
Give your mama these motherfucking Nuts, bitch ass niggaz!

[Outro: L.P. whispering]
Whose Down with us?
Whose Down with us?
Whose Down with us?
Whose Down with us?