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Artist: Ice-T 
Album:  O.G. Original Gangster 
Song:   First Impression
Typed by: dy_face@yahoo.Com

[Unknown British Female Voice]
Upon initial contact with Ice-T's music
I had envisioned him to be an ill-mannered and psychologically unstable man 
With an extremely uneducated and barbaric Frame of mind
His raps displayed NOTHING but ridiculous jargon;
Shocking sexual audacity and repulsive images of the ghetto
However, after further analysis of his music 
I can deduce that he is the epitome of Anti-disestablishment-Arianism  
Who embodies the entire spectrum of the Urban experience and struggle
But to make things more plain and simple to the layman
I find Ice-T to be the dopiest, fliest, O.G. pimp, hustler
Gangster, player, hardcore motherfucker living today

To be honest, I'm totally and completely on his dick!!