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Artist: Ice-T
Album:  O.G. Original Gangster
Song:   Ed
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[Intro: Ice-T]
Oh yeah, Ice-T in the motherfucking house, you know what I'm saying?
Cold lounging up here, the Ammo Dump, you know what I'm saying?
Got my man SLJ in the house, Rock Bottom! 
You know.. Beat Master V is in the house, Ba-boom!
I got Nat the Cat, Syndicate Mob Boss
And DJ Aladdin, The Master Cylinder
Now Evil E and Afrika Islam is out fucking whores all over the world and shit
So I'm a have to do this rhyme by myself, you know what I'm saying?
Where they at? - Fuck It!

[Ice-T Freestyling]
Let me tell you a little story about my homeboy Ed
Use to drink everyday, straight Forties to the head
He tried to snap on over me that's what you said
He's still try to break, he start given up lead
Love to gamble, on one knee he stayed
Trying to hit seven in an all night he played
Worked Ts and weights so he always got paid
Blew on the whores, every dollar he made
Crazy friends, crazy friends he had
Superfly Drobe, super dope pad
Cars for your ass and I'm talking class
Benzs end better with his name on the dash
One night he got drunk and started driving real fast...

Ed's dead!!