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Artist: Ice-T f/ DJ Evil E, Prince Whipper Whip
Album:  O.G. Original Gangster
Song:   Fried Chicken
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[Intro: Ice-T]
Yo nigga, your mama got two feet grown out here titties
Bitch fell down and kept running

Off to the studio late night
It's time to cut another track, it's gotta be hype
Got my rhyme book in hand, a blue loose leaf
Anybody moves on that, they get loose teeth
Evil's got the funky beat, a stupid dope loop
But the record's kind of old!

[Break: Prince Whipper Whip]
What we gonna do troop?

We gotta clean it up, cause it's so dope
Tried the rubbing alcohol or even the Ivory soap
But no matter what we do, the record keeps clicking

[Ice-T] Yo E, give me some of that damn fried chicken! Oh yeah
[EvilE] Oh yeah, ha ha
[Ice-T] Oh yeah, this sounds kind of nice man
[EvilE] Word! Definitely got flew
[Ice-T] I don't think niggaz gonna hear that crack one man
        We should use this, right?
[EvilE] Yo, Fuck that! yeah
[Ice-T] We can decree it out, word! you know
[EvilE] Ha ha ha yeah
[Ice-T] I like how this is going down, word!
[EvilE] Ha ha ha yeah, ummhmm..