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Artist: Ice-T f/ DJ Evil E the Great
Album:  Gang Culture (Recorded Live in Europe) *
Song:   Peel Their Caps Back (Live)
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* Originally performed Live At The Miles Davis Hall, Montreux, Switzerland on July 10th, 1995

[Intro: Ice-T]
Let's go on a drive-by, bring the lights down
Bring the lights down, Lightman
Bring the lights down, real low
Let's go on a drive-by, you all ready?

[DJ Evil E] Yeah!

Cooling in my crib, cold video dumping
FBI warning, don't mean nothing
They call that shit a crime? - Yo, that shit's a joke
Hit record on my dope remote
I heard my phone ringing, I wonder who could it be
It was the E, the V, yes the I-L E, he said:

[DJ Evil E]

We got static - word, I just got out
Punks tried to move at the club and we shot out
Bullets everywhere

[Ice-T] Okay, what's the prob?

[EvilE] Ink got popped, he's dead as a doorknob

[Ice-T] You're bullshitting!

[DJ Evil E]
Boy, I ain't fucking around
The posse's rolling tonight, nigga are you down?

I got my HK, my AK and my baby Mac
Strapped on my vest, and threw the Nine in the small of my back
I said chill, don't let nobody move without me
I say you know where they are? - he said:

[EvilE] I know where they be

Let's peel their caps back
Let's peel their caps back

Twelve o'clock midnight, posse was airtight
Twenty-five cars, under the streetlight
Some people talked, while others cried
Ink was a brother, who shouldn't have died
Then the silence broke, Ice what's it gonna be?
38 hard brothers stood and stared at me
There was only two words that I had to say P-A-Y, B-A-C-K
The cars loaded with a silence that could rape the dead
Pistols clipped as the chamber's loaded full of lead
Everyone in that crew knew what I said;
Would mean by morning, somebody else soon would be dead
Let's peel their caps back

The cars hit the corner like a long black snake
Night prowling for a life to take
You see down in the hood, it's an eye for an eye
That's the answer to the question why
In my throat, there's a lump, then I swallow it, I ain't no chump
Face of Death, then I cocked my pump
I'm a nigga on the trigger, madder than a Pitbull
Just laying for a reason to pull
>on you, any duck motherfucker, that gets in my way
I'm insane, and my homeboy's death made me this way
But then we spot him, Evil E shot him
Dead in the face, made sure that we got him
Others ran, but no mercy to the posse's wrath
Automatic Uzi motherfucking bloodbath

[Chorus: Ice-T]
Let's peel their caps back
Let's peel their caps back
Let's peel their caps back

Then all of a sudden, a bullet came through my eye
My dome exploded and I felt my other brothers died
I drink my blood as I fell like shit into the street
My corpse stunk like a burnt out rotten piece of meat
Ten brothers died in this stupid homicidal binge
Cause whenever someone dies, nobody wins
But this drama, you'll never hear a word of
Cause all the paper's gonna read is a gang murder


Yeah, so I'm having a good time man
Let me see what we done did so far
Old shit, new shit, old shit (YEAH!!!)
I got an idea; what about some new shit;
of the Ice-T's sixth album that nobody has ever heard before? (YEAH!!!)
I'm talking about some shit, nobody has ever fucking heard before
Should I try it right here? (YEAH!!!)
I got a new album, it will be out later on this year
The title of it is; Ice-T VI (YEAH!!!)
(Sixth album) Return of The Real
This album is funky, it might be too funky for you motherfuckers