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Artist: Ice-T
Album:  The Classic Collection/Cold As Ever
Song:   Body Rock 
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* Ice-T's 3rd single, released in 1984 but compiled on this LP in 1993

[ Intro: Dave Storrs ]
Let your body rock!
Let your body rock!
Let your body rock!!

[ Verse One: Ice-T ]
Hip-Hoppin' is the thing that's in
It's where the stone-cold nitro parties begin
So listen party people with the ear to the street
The college professors and the social elite
To the fly young guys and the pretty girls
Ice-T is gonna tell you 'bout that hip-hop world

[ Verse Two: Ice-T ]
Hip-Hoppin' is a way of life
With graffiti and rappin' on the mike
As the records scratch to the break of beat
A-hip-hop is sounds of the street
Hip-hop has been around a while
With the serious funk, the disco style
A record scratch, a simple rap
A breaker spinnin' on his back

[ Chorus: Dave Storrs ]
Body Rock!! 
Body Rock!! 
Body Rock!! 

[ Verse Three: Ice-T ]
Now I don't care what people say
Hip-Hop is here to stay
When the hip-hop scene first gained attention
They said it would die
They said it couldn't make it
They said it it'd never fly
Now everywhere for you to see
In movies, radio and TV
But the hip-hop scene has substance, unlimited dimensions
And it will live with or without mass media attention
Cause it is not some fad created overnight
It is a cultural movement that's bred by city life
Now I'ma break it down for all of you
Who've never seen a hip-hop crew
The gangster cuts of cold DJ's
Shockin' and rockin' till the break of day
Or the master arts of the graffiti man
Expressin' himself with his spray can
Yo people, what's it gonna be?
Hip-Hop is makin' history
Now a hip-hop club is not a disco
It's a record-cuttin', cold-crushin' rappin' show
Like New York's Roxy, L.A.'s Radio
The DJ's keep you at a peak and on the go
No three-piece suits allowed inside
T-shirts, tennis shoes, loosely tied
You hear scratchin' turntables across the floor
And DJ's spin on two and sometimes four
Like this...

[ Verse Four: Ice-T ]
So when you listen to the music by your radio DJ
And listen to the rappers on the records that they play
And check out the graffiti that turns ghettos into art
Or watch the kids who dance on the street and in the park
We hope it's time you realize hip-hoppin' is the way
To find true peace in city streets in this cold world today
Let's dance, not fight, and all unite, just turn the box up loud
To the funky beat, on any street you'll find that hip-hop crowd

[ Outro: Dave Storrs ]
The Body Rock!! 
Keep your body rock!! 
Let your body rock!! 
Let your body rock!! 
Keep your body rock!! 
Let your body rock!! 
Body Rock!! 
Body Rock!!
Just Body Rock!!