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Artist: The High & Mighty f/ Bobbito Garcia, Kool Keith, What What
Album:  Home Field Advantage
Song:   Hands On Experience Pt. II
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[Kool Keith]
You know baby
I've been thinkin about you a lot
You know I've been doin a lot of.. private things on my own
Just me in the bathroom, by myself
You know, a little hands on experience
You know, just a little thing for myself

Yo, I'm six million dollars, rappin like I'm Steve Austin
Made of steel, diamonds glitter on the Ampex reel
Superchargin my brain cells, glowin extra large and
my afro sheen, skin color should be green
Girls in the backseat, with thongs stuck between they booboo
I'm rappin through you, on sidelines he's talkin to you
My finesse in Batmobiles, cruise with Adam West
Down Bronx streets and project buildings holdin flashlights
Daily newsies, pull your maxi's out, in the movies
Make you think fast, rub powder on your diaper rash
Catch you with stomachs out, bumps out, and Jimmy Craig'n
You still be beggin, with that body shaped, like an egg'n
Rhinoceros funk, with panties piled in the trunk
Playboy books with Black Tail, my boy, readin Hustler
I pull up with no Benz, just a Plymouth Duster
Cruisin around town, naked bumpin James Brown
Underwear light blue, scratchin balls with hands down
You see me comin passin rappers like I'm Mr. Drummond
On your street pee, your colored socks, smell like feet
Timberland boots walk in Bentley's with my space suits
Astronaut sneakers standin hard by the speakers
Kool Keith..

Chorus: Kool Keith (repeat 2X)

We got butlers with maids, condos built, in Brazil
Chrysler Cordovas, Monte Carlos on the hill
The raw ingredients, with hands on experience
with Nissan trucks, worth a hundred thousand bucks
We got butlers with maids, condos built, in Brazil
Chrysler Cordovas, Monte Carlos on the hill
The raw ingredients, with hands on experience
with Nissan trucks, worth a hundred thousand bucks

[What What] + first four lines overlap chorus
  What's he talking about?
  I don't get it..
Yo I bust my own, ready to feel thrusts
My lust explodes in loads, feelin like Big Pun
The crush, rushin to phones, for episodes, atone for sex
and videos, layin at home, that's stamped with X (hahaha)
You feelin me yet?  Well then I, guess I'll commence
with my five niggaz rubbin, resort-in to self lovin
White blood runnin (yo well that's some really nasty shit)
Oh, oh well I wouldn't y'all thinkin I'm a sadomasochist
I'm past the list of niggaz who masturbate
I flash my wrists, when there's no brothers to pass the gate
Holdin myself down when I'm on the clit
I've got gadgets like I'm fuckin James Bond and shit
Flippin myself, hittin the spots, keepin it hot
Got the lights off, porn's on, ready to rock, fukkit
"Ohhh What What!"  I praise myself
And I haven't went blind, I've got days of health
Even amazed at the stealth speed my hand flicks
I represent for chicks and niggaz with they hands on they shit
Hah, you got experience?


[Bobbito Garcia]
Yo yo yo
It's Hand Solo, one time again
I'm no jerk my friends, just for dick again and again
I put a towel up on the floor
for easy post-cleanup, get up, close my door
So my roommate won't bust me
like my mom did, and my dad did
and my college roommate did, with jerkers in my palm
That's why now, I do it dry
So that's the set up, I tilt my head up
puy my fingers on my nipple, swish around my pre-cum dribble
Rippin epidermis cause it's easy to be
Shootin loads to go to bed, cause it makes me sleepy
Titties on my mind, close to ejaculation
Anal perspiration, heavy inhalation
I strive for the shoulders, in Boulder Colorado
Shoot on walls and toilet stalls is my motto
It's like that y'all y'all and you don't dare stop stop
I grab my cock until the cum drops
Mr. Eon -- you got hands on experience?  (You know I do)
Grab the mic and get delerious

[Mr. Eon]
Callouses on my hand, both left and right
Vaseline, magazine, and my lovin hand with a tight
slip, put my wood in a vice grip
And then Janet Jack-me with them fine ass lips
I spew goo in the form of Elmer's Glue
Up in my mind, a pornography who's who
Channel 35 receiver, dick reliever
Spank to the thought, of me shavin beavers
I'm Mr. Miyagi, wax on, wax off
I even jerked at dinner, on the tableclothes
Paper towel napkins, tissue's not the issue
I know you be fearin this, hands on experience

So there you have it
Live, from the perverted minds
of Kool Keith, What What, Bobbito and Mr. Eon
Another case of hands on experience

Put your left hand on, pull your left hand off
Put your right hand on, and we jerk it til it's soft
We do the knuckle shuffle til the cum run out
That's what it's all about!

That's what it's all about