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Artist: The High & Mighty f/ Havoc, R.A. the Rugged Man 
Album:  Air Force 1 EP
Song:   You Don't Wanna Fuck Wit
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(Havoc Speaking):
Crazy motherfuckers in here son
yeah no doubt, crazy motherfucker, yo, yeah, yo
know we jus..jus..jus..just chilling now

Chorus (Havoc & Mr. Eon): 
Rugged Man, a nigga you don't wanna fuck with
Havoc, a nigga you don't wanna fuck with
Rugged Man, a nigga you don't wanna fuck with
The High and Mighty, -you don't wanna fuck with.
(Verse 1: R.A. the Rugged Man)
Yo, Yo, It's the return of the all time dirty
Krusty, rappery, adultery, gluteny, on your blocking in
In your crib break the lock in, we go shopping
get knocking, hoe hoppin'
Its Rugged Man no stopping
sex pistol Johnny Rotten,
-So shocking, your throat provoke stay broke
half-fake the legend of Tarzan, Ray Stoke (?)
Stay dirty hate soap, hate bathing, 
maintaining loc torch ain't aiming
flame raining, brain wasting, if she pretty we ain't dating
if the bitch fuck us we make payments
Who am I? Dirty boy original pervert
Homberge H. Homberd, no job, fuck work
locally hoodlums Seberb Bun, Chris Berg
quick fith heard 'um, the german
we turn on hits.

Chorus x 2

(Verse 2: Havoc)
Yo, got my drink on, reminez and drama on gore
stepped out my crip politic wish the god 
so when gats even throw the hood its hot
Jake some bikes, gotta hold down the block
plus my life is automatic instinc
ice grills without a blink
permanent instinkt, they surface like big dick
they shittin' on my name, some ask why
cuz the signs just a regular guest
fuck D-kid in Wascow
temps, laid up and holla they ends
if shorty wanna front, im running up in the wreck
official roathier scarface shitting on Mr. Soldier-stay bend
hold my liquor like a cup coaster
handle mine (handle mine), seperate line (seperate line)
cut the throat while you drop daim (daim)
Snitch niggaz on my shit list, quietly cock the bizkit
The rugged man Havoc, mobb we infamous.

Chorus x 2

(Verse 3: Mr.Eon)
It hurts alot when I blurk the plot, I don't work to rock
man I burn the crops, its automatic, this addict stay addict
smoke shit the same color as a philly fanatic
behind wheels get dizzy or something
man I can't drive for goodness ain't my cousin Lizzy Grouplyn (?)
my verse full grothle, hit a supermodel
pay you off throw away the joint and the bottle
I won't sell I got a fear for god
Ahh fuck it, just give me ‘bout a giabar
You fools talking karma, I laugh (ha ha ha ha ha)
I ain't the one getting soaked up by Mos Def's dad
So watch easy dumb out, 
I stretch the pussy more than when the baby's head come out
Ya stupid kids should not fuck with this
That's like Rock are messing around with Thunderlips

Chorus x 2
-Rugged Man