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Artist: Hi-Tek f/ Slim Thug, Snoop Dogg, Talib Kweli
Album:  Hi-Teknology 2: The Chip
Song:   How We Do It
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"Are you ready ladies?
 All right let's hear your tone on bridge, sing!"
{*women harmonizing*}

[Talib Kweli]
Crossin the bridge..
Brooklyn invented gully, gold fronts, low hoodies
Young girls develop fully, run up on you snatch your goodies
When we say run it that's a stick-up nigga, give it up!
We live it up, fuck with the flyest say we never switch it up
We get it crunk in Brooklyn the biggest borough
Whether you enter the Radcliffs
Boys & Girls, Tek or Murrow{?}, niggaz is thorough
Jamaicans and Haitians, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans
Sorta speakin a mix of English imported from all the regions
Yo Hi-Tek, tell them how they do in Cincinnati
Tell the people how they do in Cincinnati
Yo, how do they do it in the 'Natti?
Tell my people how they do it in the 'Natti

[Chorus: Talib Kweli]
They say the West coast (brought the funk)
East coast (started it)
Dirty South (got it crunk)
The Midwest, the heart of it

[Hi-Tek] + (Slim Thug)
Hi-Tek, y'all already known what it is
Cincinnati where them pigs quick to chase you off a bridge
Drivin down Lanterns, pit niggaz in ghetto holes
It's the home of Marty Shot', Larry Flint, and Devil Rowes
This ghetto shit I drive past it every day
I'm quick to throw them 26's on the classic Chevrolet
Yeah, definitely the wrong niggaz to step to
Cause this is where, Harriet Tubman was tryin to get to
She had a shocker beside her, it was a long one
Don't ever try to come at us wrong son, you wrong one
Yeah let, young Tone come and get his hustle on
And represent the 'Natti I bet you they gon', love this song
We legendary musically from the Isleys to Boosie
Used to come through with my hoopty and scoopin chicks up at U.C.
But Slim Thug, tell them how they do it down in H-Town (that's right)
Tell them niggaz how they do it in the Dirty South (Dirty South)
Yeah, how do they do it down in H-Town? (ha, Texas mayne)
They wanna know, how they do it in the Dirty South (hol' up)


[Slim Thug] + (Snoop Dogg)
Geah, it's Slim Thugga
From the land of the candy cars, playas sippin purple bars
Where you ain't gotta sign a deal to be a superstar
We +Underground Kingz+ gettin independent change
Down here we swang and bang, lane to lane on them thangs
We call 'em eighty-fo's, got them diamonds on our toes
We sip drank by the paint so we stay throwed
And play our music slow, ride red and ride blue
Them blue riders bang Watts, reds bang Screw
And on the North we do the braids, South do the fades
Them Nawf-side boys thugs, South playa made
Geah - the hustle's paid cause they get the blow for the low
We by the border, Mexico right next do'
And our women fine, yellow with the big behind
H-Town a goldmine for niggaz if they got grind (Snoop Dogg!)
How they do it out in Cali? (West West y'all, West West y'all)
Let 'em know how they do it out in Cali (West West West y'all)
Show them boys how they do it down in Cali (West West West West y'all)
They wanna know how you do it down in Cali


[Snoop Dogg]
Gangbang, boogie-oogie, slippin got him for his cookies
Cause you thought he was a rookie, but he was a G
Little did you know he had a heater that's a ratta-tatta
Niggaz gon' respect us Bigg D, cause see
Motherfuckers act like they don't know about Cali
We got the best weed slingin out the alleys
We leave ya stretched out, chest out, vest out
D.P.G.C., West out, DoggHouse!


[Outro: Snoop Dogg]
Geah, from the West West
To the big H-Town, all the way to the 'Natti
Hi-Tek, Snoop Dogg, Slim Thug, Talib Kweli
Haha, yeah, that's how we do it y'all
What's the name of that fish spot in the 'Natti I like goin to?
You know what's happenin
Yeah, Alabama's; that the name of it?
Get me some nephew, that three-piece dinner
Yeah, and tell Boosie I'm back
Hahaha, that's how we do it in the 'Natti
Yea yea, that's how we do it in the 'Natti
Uh, that's how we do it in the 'Natti
Yea yea, yea yea, Tek-Zilla I'm out!