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Artist: Heavy D f/ Vinia Mojica
Album:  Waterbed Hev
Song:   Waterbed Hev
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[Intro: Heavy D]
Really ready to party, really ready ta
Ta get on down and make it funky for me

Yeah, Waterbed Hev in the house, y'all
Heh, well alright alright, oh yeah
Uh, freaky-deak, we do the hip-hop
I love the way we do the hip-hop
Freaky-deak, we do the hip-hop
I love the way we do the hip-hop

I see you chillin on the streets of New York (that's right)
Always lookin jiggy, you freak me when you walk
An attitude that's rude but smooth and in the same token
I'm hopin that you ain't got no dudes so that we can groove
I'll catch you every now and then in my Benz
Loungin on the corner, verbalizin with ya friends
And again, I still ain't got the nerve to speak
So I be continue to creep, lay low and act discrete, yeah
I really wanna know your name and stuff
But it seems like you be tryin to play some games and stuff
You look rough, in your Timberland, lookin like you scramblin
Armani on my mami, when she's out, no doubt she's hot again
Then I been hearin from my friend then you been checkin me (say what?)
Wanan know about my whereabouts, basically sweatin me
So now I think it's time for me to do my swerve thing
Get up my nerve thing, treat it right so we can swing, nah mean?

[Chorus: Vinia Mojica] (Heavy D)
I - like - the way you do
When - we - ahh - ooohh
(And you'll be screamin Waterbed Hev all night long)
I - like - the way you do
When - we - ahh - ooohh
(And you'll be screamin Waterbed Hev all night long)

[Heavy D]
Word to mother, you're a trooper (what?), I like how you manuver
You're the kind of girl a brother could get used to
Smoke buddhas, go to the movies solo, you lay low
I like your style, kinda calm but wild
And I remember, when I first saw you was a holiday
I was at the club on the cut sippin Perrier
I seen that figure, I was scopin, to get a rap from you
Was hopin, I ain't gon' front, you had me open
So I walks up, I says hi, we start talkin
McGruff was by my side, thug style, blunt scorchin
I started tellin you how much I dig ya
With ya cute face and figure, didn't wanna hear you had a nigga
Asked if you had a man, you said you didn't
So I got your digits, and where you livin, so I can visit
We can go out, I come and get you from your residence
That's how I do my thing, all I wanna do is swing, nah mean?


Uhh, I know you want me, baby
Uhh, I know you need me, mami
Uhh, I know you want me, baby

[Heavy D]
Body bionic, check it, the skins is chronic
No doubt about it, word to God, it's exotic
I like to way you DRESS in your tankini sweats
Your Tim boots, Versace suits, leave a brother impressed
Kool & the Gang, and when we hang, you talk with street slang
And I don't mind when you take your time, do your thang
That's how we do, all the time, every day, all day
Troop in the coupe and tongue kiss in the hallway
College degree, a 9-to-5 shorty
Loungin wit me, it makes you know you want me
You give me fever, whenever I see ya
And you could be my queen, I'll be your king, now we can swing