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Artist: Heavy D f/ Tha Dogg Pound, Herb McGruff
Album:  Waterbed Hev
Song:   Can You Handle It
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah, aww yeah, Heavy D, Dogg Pound
Herb McGruff, no doubt
Ladies and gentlemen, Dat Nigga Daz

Who you are son, blow you away to smithereens
At war like 50 marines against the Phillipines
What a team we are, my vision only runs far
Beyond the moon, Jupiter, Mars, the stars
{?} when I speak, watch out when the homey creep
Verbally you heard my name throughout the street
Watch out where you hang homey, be careful where you hang out
No doubt, I'm about my cash, and all about my clout

[Heavy D]
Yeah now speak on it, cousin who want it, talk to me
Heav' Diggy, niggy be jiggy, Gruff you wit me? (yeah)
L.B.C., N.Y.C., D.P.G., Heavy D
All up in yo' frame, Pretty Tone type game, now listen
I know this sunny who be lifty off Henny
Lovin be good'n'plenty, when she sippin on Remy
Not many like me, I like when you do, what you do
to excite me, it's all about you, then it's all about you

Since you our love child, the stallion of style
You live foul when on the prowl I kidnap the crowd
The raw rough, rugged enough to call bluffs
Ladies try lockin niggaz down like cuffs
It's off the heezy, girl I like my hair peasy
(Touch me, tease me) Girl take it easy
I hits the spizzy with Heav' Dizzy and Young Daz
You're too young to last wit'cha pretty young ass

Just thought I'd let you know what you're feeling babe
Can you handle it - can you handle it?
Do you know what you're dealing with?
Can you handle it - can you handle it?

[Herb McGruff]
Yeah, yo knick knack paddywhack give a Dogg a Pound
Glass of champagne, mix some hydro with brown
Lyrical outlaw, write my rhymes southpaw
Poppin shit, niggaz get punched in they mouth for
McGruff the Crime Hound, droppin the nine sound
From New York to out of town be knockin them dimes down
This is how we do it in the N.Y.C.
All we really love is controversy

[Heavy D]
I heard you plottin on my pockets
All this barbershop talk y'all be doin, niggaz stop it
You ain't hurtin nuttin you frontin, runnin 'round here like you real
Then tell me how you feel when you get yo' cap pealed
(You know the deal) Why you wanna front on me?
This ain't nuttin new to me, nuttin you can do me
Shorties dey be true to me, this big fella, high yellow complexion
East coast, West coast connection


I'm just - posted, toastin up, sippin on a shake
All the moves you make, e'ry step you take
Get you all alone and bend you 'til you break
Wait then give you back to the cat in the cake
Nah I ain't a sucker, I'm all about my papes
Just cause you caught the vapes and tryin to hang like drapes
Mess around and get your feelings crushed like grapes
I give it all it takes to shake just like quakes

[Herb McGruff]
Herb McGruff, Heav' D, Dogg Pound creation
Bet'chu this sound here gon' bump around the nation
Hear it on your radio station
Turn up your stereos, keep your blunts blazin - amazin
One love to the Harlem Foundation
We be gettin down, you can tell my town nathin
about money makin, tired of all these clown niggaz fakin
Uptown and Dogg Pound will keep the ground shakin

[Heavy D]
This is how we roll when I'm comin through ya town
You lovin how it sound, cause we be gettin down
You can find me at the bar, puffin on cigar
Preferably Cuban or, sippin Evian
he the Don - the Don, officially
All the honies want me when they see me initially
One by one I take 'em all individually
And if it's goin down then we doin it collectively


[ad libs to fade]