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Artist: Heavy D f/ Herb McGruff
Album:  Waterbed Hev
Song:   Big Daddy (Remix)
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[singers imitating "Back 2 Life"]
Back to Hev, back to the Big Daddy
We be gettin down for real

[Heavy D]
Y'all ready, tell me who be that, Heav' Biggie
Girls say he cutie, absolutely jiggy
I be that big fella in the summer sportin linen
Bacardi and lemon, party with de women
Big Dada, papi grande
6-double-oh pusher, where yo' Honda
My belly stay jigglin, keepin yo' backside wigglin
Who bigger in, dis dan me?
Nobody, Heav' Dadi, down to rock the party
I be sendin chills through yo' body
And y'all ain't seen nuttin quite like me
I be gettin down on the M-I-C
Only dimepiece you gon' catch me wit
Big belly, can you handle it?
Heav' Diggy, niggy, be jiggy
Baby you ready, for Big Daddy?

[Chorus: singers imitating "Back 2 Life" again]
However do you want it?  However do you need it?
How-however do you want it?  However do you need it?
However do you want it?  However do you need it?
How-ever do you want it?  However do you need it?

[Heavy D]
I push Ranges and 6's
While you gettin chump change in the business, dames look delicious
Buddies that I hung with changed, look suspicious
What is it?  (Must be the fame and the digits)
Big kid from Mount V', in the top ten you count me
Rhymin off of tracks that's bouncy
Ladies hound me, one of the young and old folks
Thanks to the banks that hold my gross notes
Heavy, make the crowd wiggle like spaghetti
Waterbed, baby are you ready
Spend it, be been big since the beginnin
Stay winnin, grinnin, Heav' chillin
Check it out - who got the hottest record out?
Heav' Water, you can't hang, yo' bread short
'Til den, I'll be in Beverly Hills chillin
Ladies love me, Big Daddy, one in a million


[Herb McGruff]
Yo all the ladies wanna know is where Gruff at?
They love that, smooth Harlem World thug cat
Got a man but I'm the one they blush at
Rush at, in the Vigor plush Ac'
Me and Heav' Diggy stay fly, dress jiggy
Got bad girls who online sex with me
Bone crusher, best believe I'm gon' lust her
Hot mama you can catch a fever when you touch her
(Hey yo Gruff them cats don't know how we be really gettin down)
Water to Uptown, pass it around, holdin it down
All across the world they be blowin our sound
I'm a legend, reppin on your Hot 9-7
Jigalo, all the dimes swearin
Gold front smile and plus I shine with baguettes an'
Have things cats couldn't rhyme in my session
Baby you ain't ready, when it come to Gruff he Big Daddy