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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz f/ Marley Marl, Soul IV Real
Album:  Nuttin' But Love
Song:   Something Goin' On
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[Intro: Heavy D]
Yeah, UHH!
Well, alright (DAMN!)

[Chorus: Marley Marl 2X]
I got a funny feeling, something is going on
Had a good girl, treated her wrong
I got a funny feeling, something is going on
Treated her wrong, now my good girl is gone

[Verse One: Heavy D]
I got a funny feeling, something is going on
Woke up one morning and my girl was gone
Couldn't figure out what the hell went wrong
Didn't think she'd leave cause she wasn't that strong
But I was wrong
Now I'm the one that's hurt, quiet as kept
Reading quotes from her note that read a step cause I slept
Now what am I supposed to do? - How's it supposed to be?
How could you leave me? I mean, damn I'm Heavy D!
Boy was I dumb, thought I was the one
Bragging on her in front of her friends just for the fun
I wish I would've known, I would've begged her to stay
Now, Heavy D's Heavy Dumb cause his girl ran away

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse Two: Heavy D]
Now as the days go by, I'm steady trying to handle it
The more I think about it, the more I untangle it
Boy, was I a fool? - treated her cruel
Straight-up disrespect for the sake of being cool
Sitting all day, and I ask myself why?
I guess you never miss your water til your well runs dry
I figured I was bigger by calling the shots, planning the plots
Taking advantage of what I got, I should've stopped
So now I'm lonely, from acting like a phony
Bugging something over, even mama didn't know me
I tried to call her, but she won't call back
She won't call back, she won't call back

[Chorus] - 2X

[Heavy D] Determine!

[Verse Three: Heavy D]
Now everyday is just another day in almost where I stay
Not in the mood to play because my girlie ran away
I guess I really learned my lesson, dig it! I'm through
The next time I get a good girl, I know what to do
No more Mr. Rough or Tough-neck, acting like a drug-incest peck
Ending up the subject in shipwreck
Cause I got better plans, and I'm a better man
With a better Executive cards in my hand
I wonder how she's doing, where she's at and how she be
Is everything Okay? - do you still remember me?
And even if you don't, you're on my mind
Cause a new good girl is just too hard to find

[Chorus] - 2X

[Outro: Soul IV Real]
Alright, keep going..
Alright, keep going..
Alright, keep going..
Alright, keep going..