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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Living Large
Song:   The Overweight Lover's in the House
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Heavy D]
Sittin in my room with my smokin jacket on
The fireplace is burning and the girlie is WARM
Time to make my move, so gently I kiss her
Whisper in her ear, and tell her that I miss her
She might try to pop that boyfriend junk
But I don't really care because I know he's a punk
I'll stomp him like a roach if he tries to approach
He can't get close cause I'm the one who WROTE
the Book of Romance, so come on take a chance
You don't need a long look, all you need is a glance
If you wanna get warm, in my ARMS you belong
You have a problem, Hev'll solve 'em, nothin can go wrong - when
The Overweight Lover's in the house! {*4X*}

[Heavy D]
You said I couldn't do it, then it got done
And after you and I did it, you said it was FUN~!
Now every day of your life you wanna be with me
When you got time to spend you spend time with Heavy D
I notice that you hold me gentle as a rose
I'm rough and tough baby, but then I suppose
that I had to be held in order to start holdin
I think I got you hittin, so let's start rollin!
The Overweight Lover's in the house! {*8X*}

{*scratched interlude of James Brown samples*}

[Heavy D]
Heaven sent on our trip, champagne we sip
You look at me I look at you, then we touch lips
We roll around in the sand, later on hold hands
Walk by the beach and I can teach ya Heavy D's game plan
See the way that I am, is the Big Loverman
Check out the rhyme and in due time you'll be a Hev D fan
I'm swift you know, an Overweight Romeo
Come get a piece of the beast, because it's good to go
Emcee Heavy D ALL ladies I'm hookin
Big extra love but STILL good lookin
For you and I to swing on our romance free
all you gotta do is lean on me, BECAUSE
The Overweight Lover's in the house! {*2X*}

I'm an Overweight Lover, entertainer of many
Now when I do a party now I may not do plenty
Girls out the crowd seem to go berserk
They start yellin and screamin "HEAVY D GO TO WORK"
And when I'm through rockin and chillin at the disco
they grab me up and scoop me up, they just won't let go
That's when I know that there's been too much charmin
I put 'em in a line and say "Please don't squeeze the Charmin"
The Overweight Lover's in the house! {*8X to fade*}