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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Living Large
Song:   Overweighter
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Heavy D]
I'm an overweight lover, mic dominator
When I get loose, not another brother greater
DJ Eddie F will STORM the crossfader
And I am emcee Heavy D...

The Overweighter {*2X*}

As I grab the mic to speak, how they rush and pack
No misdegree it might lead to you, gettin cracked
My name is emcee Heavy D, I'm known to the nation
The Overweighter, is my creation
Beloved intelligence BACKED, by elegance
Practically impossible for you to, rebel against
The form is strong and strictly up-to-dated
Sit back and listen to, what Heavy situated - Overweighter!
The Overweighter

Complications may develop, during this form of rap
I've overcome it overwhelmingly it's just a fact
Cause I'm a trooper on the mic that's then to be
an inspiration for folks who sit in the rap industry
Before I will obtain, gain without strain
And power so strong that I absorb to remain
the wizard of rap, on the microphone stand
Make it seem like it's a dream, I'm in command
The Overweighter! The Overweighter
The Overweighter! (The Overweighter)

The rhyme be comin at'cha like a bat out of hell
The jam is fresh we made it well, I know what it sell
When I say we, it ain't just me, cause it's my DJ too
He jams tonight for yo' delight, when I say yo' I mean you
To be specific, he's terrific, he can't be whack
So sit down you need to clap, with {?} cap
Cause he's alert and he will hurt, on his face there'll be a smirk
to sweep the rest away, and treat 'em all like dirt
He's on top, he won't drop~! He will not stop
Bend jocks around the block, when in the spot
He's the best I must confess, you will be impressed
Let me introduce you all to my partner - Eddie F

{*Eddie cuts and scratches for a bit*}

Deejay, Eddie F!!
Eddie F!!

Check out my talent with finesse and poise
Cause what I represent is music, not noise
I'm a talented graceful, rhymes are so tasteful
Snatch your girl with a wink, I got much pull!
Why do you think they call me MC Hev D?
Cause I'm an Overweight Lover on the M-I-C
Not a girl inside the crowd that'll disagree
But if there is, come check with me, personally
The Overweighter! The Overweighter
The Overweighter! The Overweighter