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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Living Large
Song:   Mr. Big Stuff (Remix)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Heavy D]
I'm rough and tough and all that stuff
I make you dance and prance 'til you huff and puff
There's just no way you can get enough
of ME, yo' Mister, Big Stuffff!
I'm the overweighter, prince dominator
Emcee Heavy D, constant weight gainer!
And since I choose, the weight not to lose
I will stay THIS way, so that I can bruise
emcees around, who front and frown
You go round for round, I go pound for pound
At the end of the party when you're sayin g'night
Don't come to me and say "take it light"
I'm your Mr. Big Stuff

[Heavy D]
I'm a quick rhyme shooter, rap rookie, recruiter
I always say could, never ever say coulda
I'm healthy and stacked, not a beast or all fat
I get applause and awards every time I rap
I love the way I am, I would NEVER switch!
I'm the greatest entertainer since a porno flick
You move and groove to my funky tune
Party people, it's TIME to make room
for your Mr. Big Stuff

[Heavy D]
Rock it, Big Stuff, the record, me the mastermind
A top dollar money better, go get a, designer
A fly girl lover and a woman pleaser
Girls come to me say "Heavy let me squeeze ya"
An incredible, overweight huggable
prince, a bold treat, that's why I'm so lovable
I got the knack to keep the fly girls shovin
Two hundred and sixty pounds of good lovin
They all want me, emcee Hev D
The more of the beef the mo' there is to squeeze
Got the juice to get loose, make you all get up
You want a swig, give me a ring, Heavy D
Your Mr. Big Stuff~!
Eddie F, break down!

[Heavy D]
Now I'm the swing beat artist with skills to kill
Money earnin Mt. Vernon's where I live and chill
When I walk the streets, I get MUCH respect
Get hellos and what-nots from the young'uns and the vets
Cause I never been beaten, rhymes are pre-sweetened
Duck, punk panty emcees, stop retreatin
Cause on Heavy D, you shouldn't be sleepin
Takin dirty emcees, away I'm sweepin
Got a tower, of power, emcees I devour
Every second of the hour, I send 'em to the shower
I'm cool! Not a fool, from the new school!
Drinkin brew by my pool, sittin on my gold stool
Gotta rock, that I drop, like a horse, on the trot
When it comes to makin money, it takes what I got
I know you're sayin to yourself you can't get enough
But I'll be back, to attack, Heavy D
Your Mr. Big Stuff~!