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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Living Large
Song:   I'm Getting Paid
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Heavy D]
I'm gettin cash every show, cause I'm a hip-hop pro
Five hundred thousad of my records, will sell and go gold
Grab your Bacardi and go, Heavy D is no joke
Gettin paid by the pound so I could NEVER go broke
You know the rhymes that I write, just like the swish from my Nike
Nothin wrong with soundin soulful everything is precise
Check the cardio depth, cause I'ma work up a sweat
It gets no better than this, this is as good as it gets
I'm gettin paid... I'm gettin paid

In my room against the wall, lies my Nike sneakers
In the back of my 'blazer, is my piledrivin speakers
Performance of my system, solid as a rock
I got a whip so people look, when I cruise up the block
I'm the H-E-A-V-Y dash, get cash in a flash
So fast D no other emcee, will ever surpass
my rhymin skill, because I'm dressed to kill
When I get loose upon the mic, you become - FULFILLED!
My rhymes must be noticed, cause I'm the one who wrote it
Some say they don't like it, but turn around and quote it
HOLD IT~! I wanna make sure, you know who I am
What's my name? (Heavy D) That's right now back to the jam
I'm gettin paid... I'm gettin paid
Aiyyo let's do it like this, break this down Eddie F

Aiyyo, I'm gettin so much cash
I got girls all over the world
Cause I'm the Overweight Lover, Heavy D
I got a gold plated 4x4, blazin pinky rings
Nugget watches, nugget chains, nugget hats
Nugget bracelets, nugget notes, nugget beats
I'm so RICH in talent, I'm so that
I'm just paid, I'm gettin paid
I'm tellin you I'm gettin paid
{*instrumental solos for a bit*}

[Heavy D]
I stayed up late, I took the time to create
I erased and rearranged, 'til it was great
Grabbed my pen and my pad, just thought I'd write somethin bad
To my show in a li-mo, I won't appear in a cab
When I step out my Jeep, the ladies kiss on my cheek
And then I'm rudely interrupted cause my beeper goes beep
The Gucci gear that I wear, just like my natural curled hair
And every place I appear, the people stop and stare
They look - whisper - kick 'em and point
And accordin to the public HEAVY D IS THE JOINT
They admire the gold, that I wear so bold
And like a river that flow, my bank account will grow
If I need to know time, I look at my nugget watch
I got all flavor Nikes with the fat colored socks
I'm gettin paid! I'm gettin paid