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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Living Large
Song:   Here We Go
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro: Heavy D messing around in the studio]
Yo Heavy D's in effect, I'm chilling
Al just play it
Ba-dap-ba-dap, ba-dap-ba-dap
I write rhymes, conduct and illu... yo hold up
Hold up, hold up - hold up, hold up
Hold up - yo it ain't swingin enough man
Y'know I'm a swing beat artist
and we GOTS to make this one, a hit!
YAH~! ... Aiyyo, aiyyo T
What's the name of this joint? (Here we go)
That's right y'all, the Overweight Lover
Emcee Heavy D, is now in effect
So all you crab emcees, have a seat!

[Heavy D]
The title of the show (HERE WE GO) in case you didn't know
And on the mic, this crowd I HOLD
in my posession, cause I'm givin lessons
for those emcees, who's all about half-steppin
Take the time, listen to direction
Move your groove to the Heavy D section
You'll have a ball when the bass is dropped
So open up guitars and let the music ROCK
Cause here we go!

[Heavy D]
I write rhymes, conduct and illustrate it
You buy my records so my pockets get inflated
This mic tonight, I'ma tear it apart!
But they won't begin until Heavy D, STARTS
Grab a chair, sit down, buckle up
For those of you who got in, you lucked up
Cause outside, there's a line around the block
And they all came to see Heavy D, ROCK~!
I be prepared so any time you're ready
Fellas call me Hev, ladies call me Heavy
We'll start the show with an orchestra blast
Make the slow dance become a thing of the past
I'ma introduce, the rapper of the year
Me, Heavy D, so let's get it in gear!
Here to let you know, I'ma start the show
Fill up the floor, open the door because
Here we go!

[Heavy D]
This party or show, I added a touch
Cause the bass of my voice, might become too much
So for me to take a rest, and come back to wreck
There's a man in the back, that I want you to check
On the right turntable, the left he exact
With the mixer in the center to conduct the scratch
Every cut that he creates, is right and exact
Yo Eddie F keep 'em busy, 'til I get back
Here we go!

{*Eddie F cuts and scratches*}

[Heavy D]
I got my rest I feel fresh now it's time to hustle
Fellas grab your 40's, and go guzzle
but quickly return you might miss the end
You'll be mad if you hear about it from a friend
By the look on your face, I tell that you are pleased
By the look on my face, you tell I did it with ease
Grab your Kodak, before I break take - a picture
And as you leave I hear you whisper, "We'll miss ya"
But don't fret~! I'll be back you can bet
But now I really must go, cause I'm drippin with sweat
But do me a favor before I leave the show
Throw your hands in the air, let me hear y'all say

[Outro: Heavy D]
Break this down like this, hold up
The Overweight Lover Heavy D, is on point
So let THAT, be final.. CHUMP!
Ha ha... to my entire crew
DJ Eddie F, G-Wiz, Trouble T-Roy
Little Al on the drums... {*fades out*}