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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Living Large
Song:   Don't You Know
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[Heavy D]
Hey, what's happening baby?
I got your letter inside the mail today
Seems, that you had a lot of important things
that you was tryin to say - mmm
You was beatin around the bush
But I was readin between them lines
And I had a long talk with myself
So I figured, it's time
You see before I wasn't ready, for the things you wanted
I couldn't give you what you deserved
But now the tables is turnes for me sweetheart you see
I'm makin records now y'know?
Y'know gettin paid, heh heh, and all that
So now I think, I think it's time to tell you
that I love you, because I do
Don't you know?

[Heavy D]
Hmm~! I can see it now
The church'll be filled with all our friends, and family
I'd have on my fly white tuxedo, lookin smooth
You'd be in your beautiful white gown
Your smile just lights up the whole place
Our parents, they'll be sheddin tears of joy
Little kids'll be runnin around the church, pointin, gigglin
Everybody's happy for us cause it's our day
That's right baby, your day, and my day
I guess if I had to sum it up, in three simple words
It'd have to be "I love you," cause I do
Don't you know?

[Heavy D]
Don't you know if I could have anything in this world, it'd be you?
Don't you know if there's any love involved, it would be true
Don't you know, all my time would be spent, holdin your hand
Yeah you could be my lady, heh, and I'd be your man - don't you know?
Don't you know

Now I'ma end this letter by sayin
That I'll be home real soon
And maybe you and I
could work on this dream we have
So you take care now
and keep in touch
I love you, yours truly
Heavy D