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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Living Large
Song:   Dedicated
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Intro/Chorus: unnamed singer]
Stay-ay-ay, stay dedicated
You've got to stay-ay-ay, stay dedicated
You've got to

[Heavy D]
Now this is called "Dedicated," though not a dedication
It's about an obligation in a love situation
Guys don't get your girls, girls don't get your guys
with a, relationship full of backstabbin lies BUT
I'm here to tow the line on all that shooting
Dedicating is the subject I'm speaking
on therefore I need your undivided, attention
Sit and listen to, what Heavy D mentions


[Heavy D]
Pretty lady, I heard about your status
You're lookin for the boy, whose pockets are the fattest
And, I also know about your bad repu-ta-tion
The things you so, inside of a rela-tion-
-ship behind their backs, you use and abuse them
But in the face you say that you love them
'til one day Prince CHARMING comes along~!
You say to yourself you won't do nothing wrong
Saw your opportunity, decided, to grab it
But first things first, you kicked your bad habit
Told your best friend you had the perfect life
But what can never go wrong, never will sound right
You see this guy that you're with is what like you used to be
He takes a lover undercover, destroyed your dignity
It used to be a joke but now the table's turned
You're the one gettin dissed, so I hope that you learned
that he was lookin for some action, some satisfaction
You thought it was, a physical attraction
Then one day, you caught your lover out there
When you asked him why he did it, he said he didn't care
So remember next time, you wanna act crazy
what comes around GOES AROUND, pretty lady!
Lady, lady... dedicated


[Heavy D]
You got yourself a girlie and you should be coolin
Tryin to play the role, but who are you foolin?
Your lady's not the one she knows about yo' schemin
Time to wake up, pal - stop dreamin
Before you know it what you got gets GONE!
You're sittin in the room with your head down mourn-ing/morning
time comes, who's there it ain't your girlie
You said that you missed her, shoulda thought about it earl-ier
Cause now you're all alone no one to play with
No one to squeeze you easy, or give your a kiss
Kiddly kiddly kiss, kiddly kiddly kiss...
There's a lesson to be learned, I hope that you're learning
Cause if you disregard it's LOVE you will be yearning
What I'm tryin to say is this, READ between the lines
Don't make a commitment you can't stand behind
Cause in the long run it'll only grow worse
And the love that you have'll turn out to be a curse
You struggle wit'cha life, tryin to get situated
When all you had to do is chill, and stay...

{*singers ad lib to the end*}