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Artist: Heavy D
Album:  Heavy
Song:   Spanish Fly
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Hola mama (hola papa)
Como estas? (bien y tu?)
Chillin, you look good (you too papi)
Uno, dos, tres, cuatro

Yeah, por favor
Right, uhh, yeah, yeah
Check check
Yo, check me, check me, uh - yo

Such a long way to go, but I can't wait to see, my little spanish fly
Such a lonely road to roam, but I can't wait to see, my little spanish fly

[Heavy D]
Right, right, yo, yo
I met her at the Copa, Cabana (how she look?)
Word to mom she bananas, I swear I wanna slam her
like Tito Santana, can't wait to wrestle her
Curious about the sex in her, Gabbana dress on her
Next to her, this cat champagne sippin, ice drippin
Roleys on the cuff, but she winked at Big Stuff
"How you doin papa?"  I'm just chillin mama
Loungin - "Smokin on your Cubana?"
Si, the, first name Heavy
She started rubbin on my big belly, stay put
I can see how you got these other dames shook
Cause from the first look, a nigga like Water was hooked
She said the name was Carmelita, boricua, from Puerto Rica
Tu eres, mi amiga, senorita?
Me and you friends baby, me and you friends
"Si somos amigos"


[Heavy D]
Hu-huh, yo
You the flyest lady in the house "true" hear Heavy out
Wanna make you scream "uh-huh" wanna make you shout "okay"
Let me feel this real, baby we can chill
Week in Brazil, D keep it real "mmm"
Sleep in the hills, native of the 'Ville
Native of Jamaica, steady makin paper "aight"
See all the linens be crushed plus the gators
Smoke Cuban, gruff smoke Garcia Vegas and dutches
Did world tours, ten buses "what"
Live life deluxest, some friends is hustlers
And them the type of cats that will spend ends to touch ya
See me I wanna love ya, just flow with Diggy
And I'm always thinkin of ya, that's word to Biggie
Let's blow this joint and splurge the city, damn you pretty "gracias"
And them niggaz over there can't stand you with me
Mamita, um beso, por favor
"Por que?"  Por favor mama, por favor

[Chorus] - 2X

[spanish fly girl ad libs to end]