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Artist: Heavy D
Album:  Heavy
Song:   Don't Stop
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[15 seconds of ad lib to open]

[Chorus: uncredited female]
Don't, stop - to all the niggaz in the drop-tops
To all my peoples that's down on lock
Keep it movin and you don't stop - hahh!
Don't, stop - to all the niggaz in the drop-tops
To all my peoples that's down on lock
Keep it movin and you don't stop

[Heavy D]
Uhh, how'd you like if I dressed you up in platinum?
Diamond rings, boo you can have dem
Dough though, Water got plenty of dat
Wanna break it down get the Remy for that
Me I take Coke and Henny with that
You really wanna floss get the Benz for that
With the rims for that, how sex is that
130K nigga can you buy that?
Tanned in the Carribean with a beautiful, Trinidadian
Got plans again, stack grands again
Make you wanna wave yo' hands again
Shake yo' waist again, who you crushin then
Shorties love when I'm sexin dem
Shorties love when I'm next to dem
Who the best of dem, screw the rest of dem
This joint right here keep a nigga on point right here
Move like Kaiser, when I surprise ya
Me and my team, money green
Caddy, used to call me fattie
Now they call me, "Big Daddy"
Nigga get down like dat, nigga been around like dat
Better not bother, the big brother, in the Godfather hat
Screw dat, y'all better face it, y'all see the bracelet
Platinum, with the diamonds under dem
If it ain't E-class want none of dem
What'chu know 'bout puttin out platinum hits
Me and my crew flip chicks for sidekicks
Water, why you gettin down like dat?
You know it ain't fair when you play like dat


[Heavy D]
Let me put it to you like this
You cats tonight, gon' see what a real player is
Nigga state yo' biz, handle yo' biz
I'ma pump down like that
Sip Bailey's, in the Bentleys, agua, in the Jaguar
Never sweat the course of that when I'm tossin back
Heinekens with a dimepiece friend
All the, ladies in love with D
Shakin they coochies after me
Y'all crushin that, them I'm crushin that
If not, put a stop to that, alright
Nigga 'bout to bust somethin, he don't trust nuttin
I'ma make that clear to y'all
Come frontin like you tough somethin ain't gon' touch nuttin
I'ma show y'all how to ball
Cause my niggaz on the block, can't forget dem
My mans on lock, can't forget dem
Y'all know 'bout dem Benjamins
When it's gone, where yo' friends an' dem
Heavy gon' coast through, like I'm supposed to
Bi-coastal like postal
Y'all gon' 'member me
Whatever B, forever, D


[Heavy D]
Nigga stay jiggy in the DKNY
Crooked eye, damn he fly
Push a whip that's fabulous
Cuban link with the Lazarus
Tell me who the man again?  Chicks danglin
In Vegas gamblin
We forever handlin, y'all scramblin
Tell me who the man again?  Huh
Water, now you oughta, recognize, and keep it hot like Florida
Slick talker, New Yorker, bound to be the one you feelin
Tell me what the deal is
My appeal is real is what, y'all niggaz is talkin what
To my mans in drops or my mans on lock
Keep it real don't stop, right


[ad libs to fade]