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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Blue Funk
Song:   Talk Is Cheap
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Dis man, don't trouble no one
But if you trouble dis man, he will bring a bam bam
What a bam bam, kay-a, diss and what a bam bam
Bam bam belong bam bam, bam bam belong bam bam

[Heavy D]
Big up the boom, big up the bang, some suckers can't hang
with all that ying yang, yang yang yang yang
It seems you talk mighty tough on your jams when you rap
Go in the hood, and you'll probably get SLAPPED
I know your type, you're a weasel, a weeble, a wobble
A weeble wobble, push you over, watch you topple
I never grew in the ghetto, but I slung in the ghetto
And I seen plenty of bums get done in the ghetto
So money knock it off with the tough guy imagery
You think I ain't tough, cause I don't talk tough?
Then scrimmage me - I think you got me wrongly pegged
I don't smoke blunts, I smoke stunts, so shake a leg
and make room for the big belly captain
Slappin up saps and respect when I'm rappin
Just because you see me in a suit, lookin cute
on an R&B jam makin loots with my troops
you wanna test ME~?
The bum diddly diddly diddly diddly D, uh!
I think you got it all wrong, we're too strong
My crew last long, we drop bombs 'til the early morn
So knock it off, with the yikkity yak, the yakkity yak
and jump off the dilzznick

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
(Talk is cheap!) Watch your mouth when you speak
(Talk is cheap!) What, you dirty little creep?
(Talk is cheap!) Watch your mouth when you speak
(Talk is cheap!) Eh-heh, eh-heh, eh-heh

[Heavy D]
My name ain't Getty, it's Heavy, so don't gas me
You punks too slow, so you know you can't pass me
I wreck shop, I get props when I rock B
Some mad cop but they still stop and jock me
Yo I'm the Over-what? Punk, come and trouble what?
Punk, tell my momma what? Punk, eh-heh, eh-heh!
I get up and gallop and go, like a stall-ion
So nobody diss de cham-pion, WAHH!!
I know honeydips, with Coach bag money clips
And if money flips, I'll take his girl on a sunny trip
So okey dokey I like Smokey but I'll rob his son
for fun, if I had a gun, a gun
But I'm not a pistol packer, I'm a punani whacker
Ask Tammy, I'm a fanny smacker
Never fit the flunky, never juiced a junkie
Used to drink liquor but I hated Brass Monkey
Came on the scene when I was only a teen
Peace to T-Roy, a major part of the team
Everything is Mop & Glo, sugar and sweet
So respect the beat (WHY?!) cause talk is cheap


Bam bam belong bam bam {*3X*}
Diss and what a bam bam

[Heavy D]
I got the wig, can you dig? I'm a tough nig
Sweeter than a fig big, peace to brothers doin bids
So you wanna play a game of catch up? You better back up
You can't mess up when you sleep they'll come and test ya tough
(Conjunction junction, what's your function?)
Hookin up mics and makin 'em work right...
Peace to all the new jacks who keep raps in formats
And all macks, and in fact, never forget the old cats
To them I show 'nuff various 'spect
Notice the dialect, when I foot step, I catch wreck
You're a shinin star, no matter who you are
Made a fancy record, now I drive a fancy car
When I was in school I thought it was cool, I had a cigarette
Then I found that cigarettes was only good for smelly breath
You're blind, so never you worry about me
I'm the H-to-the-E, A-to-the-V, Y-to-the-D
The mack daddy, one hundred percent beef patty
Drive around with Peppermint Patty in a pink caddy
Everything is Mop & Glo, sugar and sweet
So respect the beat (WHY?!) cause talk is cheap~!