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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Blue Funk
Song:   Silky
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Gunshot up and a what's it not
Ah who dat? Ah me, big and heavy
Rough and rugged

Uhh! Yo, it's on that old funk flow smooooth tip
Y'knahmsayin? This goes out to all the rough and rugged ones
Hey! Gonna do somethin like this on the flavor tip aight?
Big G-Wiz in the house HUH? Check it - aiyyo, aiyyo

[Heavy D]
What puts out fire? Fire? Water?
Word to my brother's daughter, this one's gonna be a slaughter
Plenty of it, styles plenty of it
And if you don't believe it you can shove it cause I love it
Sometimes I do a freebie, I can rock a CB
Girls wanna see me, they come +Wonder+ like +Stevie+
Heebie, jeebies, juggle, jam it
Ladies say I'm cute and plus I get loot like a bandit
Wig it, big wiggy, Bobby Marley liked Ziggy
Freak it like Mrs. Piggy diggy
Kinda on the big tip, roughneck big tip
End up with the time to bust a rhyme on a ski trip

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
Silky! ("Uh!! Ahh silky silky now")

[Heavy D]
Aiyyo damage, damage, boy I do damage
Most emcees in the game they couldn't manage
Never liked my spinach but I'm stronger than Popeye
I I I I I, I and I is very fly
Call me a miracle, love to eat cereal
Grand Wizard lick it like a lizard, I'm imperial
With girls I get action, met a few Jacksons
Had this honeydip doin flips such as backspins
I keep it funky like a ghetto drinkin junkie
You know me, I'm low key, I rip the show lovely
Hip to the dip to the hop I never flop
I never flop, give me props, when I rock I blow the spot


"Uh!! Ahh silky silky now" {*4X*}

[Heavy D]
Aiyyo, who's the rugged one? Comin from the roughneck
'Nuff respect, catch enough wreck, when I mic check
I've been on world tours, I've been on girls' floors
You ain't rockin, so what'cha got the mic for?
Hon take it easy, bros can't see me
Cause on the microphone I get freaky, freaky
Trust me, I'm diesel, I'm knockin mad boots
You see me on your TV set, clockin mad loot
I used to jumps from crumbs, as a kid
And I never did a bid, cause feds couldn't fig'
Hip to the dip to the hop I never flop
I never flop, give me props, when I rock I blow the spot

[Chorus] - 2X