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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Blue Funk
Song:   Love Sexy
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Love sexy (sexy sexy, sexy sexy) {love sexy}
So sexy, c'mon... yo

[Heavy D]
Now I can take my time, but I'm speedy if it's needy
She says she want it all, so I gave to the greedy
Love is satisfyin, if it's tasty then I'm tryin
Never bought 'em, never buy 'em, on occasion I'm in Zion
Enough of what you heard, Heavy D's got the wig out
In between the leggy of a Peggy I might pig out
Nope I ain't no joke, I got a stroke to make you bug out
Girls get very happy when I tap the nappy dugout
Easy easy on the "EZ Duz It," who is it or who was it
Rough on the cuts you're lovin it, rubbin it while you're humpin it
Wicked in bed, wicked in bed, that's what I said
When I came the others fled, now mi haffa kill it - dead
Mack in the sack and I'm a freak in between the sheets
Never lacked in the back, stay harder than concrete
Far from Chubby Checker, not a half-stepper, double decker
Wreckin never sweat her but I'm better, the Mecca lover

[Chorus] "hey hey hey, hey hey hey" in background
Love sexy {*4X*}

[Heavy D]
Check it out~! Aiyyo my techniques kick like a kung-fu flick
On the one-two tip I catch wreck when I rip
The Overweight Lover, slick like butter
Never did stutter, swing it in the gutter
Sometimes I wear my hat to the back when I rap
I never felt ashamed cause I'm proud to be black
You see me on a poster, pop it like a toaster
I know about the devil, but me and God is closer
Hip to the hopper, proper like my poppa
This girl said she's cumin, I tried but I couldn't stop her
I'm on the quickie not the hickie tip, slick to flip a floppy script
Before you got the property, know who you're dealin with
Known to do a Suzy with a doozy of a stroke
I never pulled my uzi on a floozy, leave her smoked
I spark it like a mack, like a hook I always catch
You know where I'ma be at, hear the rap, check the steps


[Heavy D]
Yo, I like it with a twist in the midst of danger
I wreck a 'roni, and not a phony or a stranger
Not a punani pretender, quick to bend your fender
Pure beef, well done, so love me tender
Or you can do it on the flipside, funny dip side
Outside, inside, "Tales From the Darkside"
Eeney meenie miney moe, let me know
Here I am, what's the plan? Hot damn, "Who's the Man?"
Yes I am, rip it cause I practice, I mean I'm always at this
Girls front when they want me to smack this
Super dip diver, clever like MacGyver
Not a 9 to 5er, street life survivor
A honey suckle wonder, kick lyrics like a punter
First I'll have to back her, and then I'll have to front her
Never 'fess, when it came to sex, flexed
When it came to sex, wrecked, when it came to sex


[Heavy D]
Me nom a nom a nom me numba one
{*"hey hey hey" continues to the end*}