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Artist: Heavy D & the Boyz
Album:  Big Tyme
Song:   Mood for Love
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*patois chatta for the first 0:25*}

A man once told me love, is the best t'ing that a man could have
An' if it is true, I man wanna know, so

[repeat 2X]
Well lord have mercy mercy mercy
Heavy D and I ah party party party

I'm in the mood, for love {*3X*}
I'm in the mood

[Heavy D]
Meself I tella me tell tell me now
The truth, the truth about love
Is it true what them say about love-ah? {*2X*}
Dem say love is a splendid thing
More precious than a diamond ring
And if it's true I man must know
And if it's true I man hafta know because

[Chorus] - 2X

[Heavy D]
Take my hand and follow me
And you and I will be a perfect company
We'll sail the seas of love together
Forever my dear
If anything should-a ever go bad
Times are hard and if you feel sad
Just call my name and I will be there

[Chorus] - 2X

{*synthesizer sax solo and Heavy D ad libs*}

[Heavy D]
Yessir, I'm in the mood for love
It's true, y'know? Lord have mercy
Massive hold tight, all lovers squeeze together
Ahhhhhh lawd have mercy

They say if love was a t'ing that money could-a buy
The rich would not live and me say poor would not die
If you, spit in the sky it would, fall in your eye
And you, never miss your water 'til your, well run dry
Me say part time lover me no want no part time lover
No part time lover me no want no part time lover {*3X*}
Me want a, gyal who can, caress me
Cook for me, take care of me
Rub me belly make me feel irie
And that's the type of girl, perfect for Heavy D
Ah-ring-ding-ding, ah-ring-ding-ding, ah-ring-ding-ding-diggidy-ding-ding
Ring-ding-ding, ring-ding-diggidy-ding-ding-ding lawd
Ring-ding-ding, ah-ring-ding-ding, ah-ring-ding-ding-diggidy-ding-ding
Ring-ding-ding-diggidy-ding-ding-ding lawd

[Chorus] - 2X

[Heavy D]
Respek due to all the massive
Love you all over the world

{*patois shoutouts to Shinehead and yardies + ad libs to end*}