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Artist: Heavy D. & The Boyz
Album:  Big Tyme
Song:   Let it Flow
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

"And I am MC Heavy D.." {*scratched 3X*}

[Heavy D]
The Heavster, measure the pleasure then treasure the note
that I wrote, and you can quote, flow like I row like a boat
Takin a stand, don't need a hand
The man in command did Soul Train, next American BAND-stand
An Overweight Lover discover, no other brother can smother
If I ever fell I'd bounce back like rubber
I'm rough and tough, all that stuff, call my bluff
You can't enough of Mr. Big Stuff, let it flow

"And I am MC Heavy D.." {*scratched*}
Let it flow.. let it flow..
"And I am MC Heavy D.." {*scratched*}
Let it flow..

You get your rhyme from a hag bag, you thief from Baghdad
You're soft as a sandbag, throw your rhyme in a Glad bag
The way that you act like, as if you had mic fright
It seem that you're not bright, now I'ma do it right
Get used to a back mark, Lover my trademark
You're just like a hush puppy - no bite, all bark
You move when I say so, I flow when the wind blows
While I'm rippin and strippin you be peakin through a window
Definitely for action, voted for Jesse Jackson
Instead of laggin we coulda been passin
Eddie F on the fade mix, the Boyz with the dance tricks
Dre with the management, Heav' D with the lyrics
Who said that I ain't dope, you're walkin a tightrope
You're livin for high hopes, I wonder what you smoke
Didn't come here to tip-toe, I came here to rip so
grab your partner, dosey-dos.. and let it flow

"And I am MC Heavy D.." {*scratched*}
Let it flow.. let it flow..
"And I am MC Heavy D.." {*scratched*}
Let it flow.. Eddie F, breakdown!

{*scratching: "DJ Eddie F"*}
Breakdown, break down like this!
{*scratching: "DJ Eddie F"*}

"And I am MC Heavy D.." {*scratched*}
"And I am MC Heavy D.." {*scratched*}

All rappers we remain the same, we try, we strain
But still some complain about the fame that we obtain
But I'ma refrain it's insane cause I'ma still gain
You want what's good, but can you stand the rain?
We think hard for what we want, then work harder to get it
But you're too busy tryin to diss us, that's why you forget it
Appreciate what you did, and I hope you keep doin it
But stop riffin, because you just might ruin it
For me, for you, for you and for me
Two wrongs never make a right let's keep good company
You're welcome any night to come on my stage
because divided we fall, together we get PAID

"And I am MC Heavy D.." {*scratched*}
So, let it flow.. G-Wiz let it flow
"And I am MC Heavy D.." {*scratched*}
T-Roy it flow, Pete Rock let it flow
D.O. let it flow, Nick T let it flow
Eddie F let it flow..

{*scratches by Eddie F to end*}